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New Products New Partnerships!

We're adding to our amazing roster of brands to our product line up!
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The Auteur is here! FREE Shipping to Canadians! Discounted shipping to the US!

  We're super excited about the new Auteurs and would love to get everyone's hand one at least one ZMF headphone that we're offering FREE SHIPPING to fellow Canadians and discounted shipping to our American friends. Simply click AUTEURFREESHIPPING and get a $24.99USD discount automatically applied to your order!  

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[Announcement] Luxury Dekoni Ear Pads!

Super excited that we've partnered with Dekoni Audio and that we can offer Dekoni Ear Pads. Check it out here:  

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[Announcment] We're partnering with ZMF Headphones!

ZMF Eikon & Atticus now available! We are proud to announce that Hivemind Cables have partnered up with ZMF Headphones to become official dealers of the flagship Eikon & Atticus!Critically acclaimed by audiophiles and headphone enthusiasts around the world, the Eikon & Atticus are simply a marvel to listen to. "I spent...

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