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GMK WoB and BoW Hangul R2 - shipping in progress
GMK WoB and BoW Hangul R2 - shipping in progress

Fuji 65v2 Swirl Keyboard - Snow White

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$484.99 CAD
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DIY Disclaimer

Quality Assurance by Deskhero

  • Deskhero will inspect each and every board that is shipped. We will insure that there are no scratches greater than 1mm, or any external facing damage that is visible from a normal seated operating distance (~30cm). We honestly want you to have a great board and wonderful experience with premium custom keyboards. However please consider the following:
  1. There may be blemishes, such as anodization hook marks on internal aluminum surfaces.
  2. Due to the nature of mirror-polished stainless steel, there may be minor, unavoidable hairline / micro scratches / speckles on the mirror finish of the stainless steel back weight. Large scratches and obvious damage that impedes functionality may be reported and a proper investigation will take place.
  3. Brass surfaces may undergo tarnishing over time, and may also have small unavoidable markings as a result.

Are DIY and Customs Items like Keyboards covered under warranty?

  • DIY items and custom items with manufacturer's defects are ONLY eligible for a refund if they are:
  1. Reported within 30 days
  2. Inspected by manufacturer and proven to have a manufacturer's defect (not user damage or improper use), and
  3. Returned in unused condition with manufacturer's original carton and must include all components and other items originally packaged with the product (i.e. cables, manuals, etc.)
  4. Items that fall into this category can include PCBs, LEDs, diodes, keyswitches, lubricant, and similar parts sold for keyboard repair or modding. These items do not have a warranty from the manufacturer, and we cannot be held liable for damage including, but not limited to, damage from improper use, stripped screws, installation, or modification.
  5. Please contact our Deskhero Support Team prior to returning your item to discuss the best available options.
What's in the box?
  1. Top Aluminum 6063 Case
  2. Bottom Aluminum 6063 Case
  3. Aluminum plate
  4. Universal FR4 plate
  5. Gold PVD Badge (Premium) or Brushed Aluminum (Standard)
  6. Mirror Polished Stainless Steel PVD Back Weight (Premium Version) or Brushed Aluminum (Standard)
  7. Hotswap or Solder PCB
  8. Feet/Bumpons
  9. Case, Plate, Weight and Badge Screws
  10. (NEW) Poron Plate Foam
  11. (NEW) Universal FR4 Plate
  12. (NEW) Carbon Fiber Plate
  13. (NEW) Mirror Polished Brass Plate (Premium Exclusive)
  14. (NEW) Carbon Fiber Plate Back Weight
  15. (NEW) 72xFFFF Switches (Tactile) - While supplies last
  16. (NEW) FFFF Stabilizers

Introducing Fuji 65v2 Swirl - Snow White

First shown in the JTK Nightsakura’s render, the Fuji65 has become a hot topic since first appearance. This time CMM Studio is  bringing you the successful Fuji65 to the western market. Designed by Mellperbia and Rifen, we hope to let you feel a sense of the fine mountain.

Deskhero is mixing up the original colors to bring a total of six new colorways! 

We've requested the help of an expert - the one and only Alexotos who has improved the sound/feel of the Fuji 65 with a few tweaks we will include. On top of that we're also throwing in a bunch of addons (extra plates, back weights, foam, etc) that weren't included the first time around - for free!

These will definitely add to the experience as well as providing extra flexibility and customization. We think the new colorways, improved sound/feel and all the additional extras call for a new name - The Fuji 65 v2 Swirl. 

The Fuji 65v2 Swirl will be the first keyboard to be part of Deskhero's new All-Inclusive Keyboard Club! It means when you bundle with your Fuji 65 Swirl - you can enjoy these discounts

  1. Free FFFF Stabilizers and Dark Amber Tactile Switches!
  2. Your choice of any instock keyset FREE when you get a Fuji 65v2 Swirl Premium!
  3. Upgrade to the critically acclaimed TX or QMX Stabilizers and get 10% off.
  4. Add an in stock deskmat for 30% off
  5. Snag a new mouse and get an additional 10% off
  6. Get an audiophile DAC or AMP and get a 10% discount

      Introducing the All-Inclusive Keyboard Club

      The goal of the All-Inclusive Keyboard Club is to provide everything you need to get started with your new premium keyboard - either with discounted accessories or required items added for free (like switches and stablizers)

      Starting with the Fuji 65v2 Swirl Premium - any keyboard part of the club will enjoy these perks!

      1. Free FFFF Stabilizers and Switches!
      2. Take 40% OFF its namesake keyset (eg GMK Bento 2 for Fuji 65 Swirl - Bento Box)
      3. Get 25% OFF on any GMK Keyset, and 10-15% OFF keysets from other manufacturers like NicePBT, OTC, Novelkeys PBT, KBDPBT and more. 
      4. Upgrade to the critically acclaimed TX or QMX Stabilizers and get 10% off.
      5. Add an in stock deskmat for 30% off
      6. Snag a new mouse and get an additional 10% off
      7. Get an audiophile DAC or AMP and get a 10% discount


      • Keyboard Angle: 6.5 Degrees
      • Dimensions: Length 31.7cm x Depth 10.8cm x Height 3.2cm
      • Layout: ANSI
      • Mount Type: Top
      • Top Case Material: Full Aluminum 6063
      • Bottom Case Material: Full Aluminum 6063
      • Dampening Material: Poron Plate Foam included
      • Plates:
      1. Mirror Polished Brass
      2. Carbon Fiber
      3. Aluminum
      • PCB:
      1. Fixed layout ANSI solder or
      2. Fixed layout ANSI Hotswap
      3. QMK+VIA compatible
      • Back Weights:
      1. Mirror Polished Stainless Steel
      2. Carbon Fiber

      Sound Test by our friend Alexotos

      What's new in v2?

      1. Mirror Polished Brass Plate (Premium Exclusive)
      2. Universal FR4 Plate
      3. Carbon Fiber Plate
      4. Carbon Fiber Back Weight
      5. Poron Plate Foam
      6. Sound Dampening Polyfill
      7. Dark Amber Tactile Switches & FFFF Stabilizers by Matrix Labs (While supplies last)

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      Eugene L.
      Without A Doubt, An Amazing Looking Board!

      I bought the Fuji 65v2 Swirl due to its immaculate looking design with its mirror polished PVD back weight and its badge design. The design is simplistic yet beautiful as it does not have a lot of visual elements but with the ones they do have, they really stand out. There is a seamline due to the Fuji's 2-body case design and that might be a deal breaker for some but it is very minimal so I barely notice it on my day-to-day use. The e-coating is great and I have no issues with it and its color. However, I have never really had an issue with custom mechanical keyboards nowadays in terms of the coatings and it would only be an issue of a color discrepancy between real-life and images provided on the product page. The color is the brightest white I have seen out of all the keyboards I've built (For reference, the Osume mochi keycaps match very well with this color scheme. Where as when I put them on a white Neo65, you could call the Neo65 a white board but it appeared to be off-white when comparing it to the mochi keycaps).

      I have built my Fuji65 with White Samurai switches by Grain Gold with the mirror polished brass plate, polyfill and the poron plate foam installed. The sound produced is clean and I would put it's sound signature as midrange focused with neither high-pitch nor low-pitch as a huge emphasis. There is something that others might prefer from their boards which is a louder volume which the Fuji65 does not have in this configuration (Could be louder as in Alexotos's video but I have not tested the board with the aluminum, FR4, and carbon fiber plate and removal of foam/polyfill so I cannot compare). Even with its long-pole that has a total travel of 3.2mm, it sounds more muted than most boards so I do recommend putting in some long-pole switches for your build unless you do not mind a quiet board as I have tested the board with an EG Aqua King installed and it was quieter than some office membrane keyboards. My guess is this is likely a result of the lack of space inside the board to amplify the sound produced.

      In terms of feel, the top-mount is a stiffer experience to that gasket mount that is offered mostly offered in current boards. Every key has the same consistent feeling. This may feel fatiguing for some but like many things in the keyboard hobby, a lot of things are preferences.

      The last aspect I want to touch on in this review is the value aspect. Back when the Fuji65 was in it's group buy phase, you would have paid $360 USD (~$490 CAD) for this board minus the additional 2 plates, switches, stabilizers, the carbon fiber back weight and a discount on other products offered by DeskHero. There is the Neo65 that competes with the Fuji65 but aesthetically the Fuji65 comes out on top and does not include switches or an instock keycap set offered by Deskhero. The only board I think that could compete with the aesthetics offered by the Fuji is the Promise87 TKL but I find that the only compelling element to me is the moissanite crystal and possibly the two-tone backweight (which is not offered any longer). This coupled with the fact that the Promise87 is more expensive and offers less, I find the Fuji65 a favorable contender in anyone's keyboard collection especially if aesthetics are an important aspect you look for in builds. There is nothing like seeing the shine of the mirror polished brass plate along with the gorgeous polished back weight (it might not show in the picture I took but the mirror finish of the plate is definitely visible). If you are interested in a top-mounted board with great aesthetics, I don't know another board that can compete with this.

      Now this is a review! Glad youre liking the Fuji 65v2. and appreciate the value we offer. The board by itself is quite nice and looks amazing with almost any set.

      You will be entered into the Draw and awarded extra Reward Pts for this review :)