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GMK CYL FTRO Keycaps [Group Buy]

Group Buy Information
  • Start: April 5th 2024
  • End: April 26th 2024
  • Production Completion ETA: Q3 2024
Sale price$194.00 CAD

Kit Options: Base Kit - Origin

Is the future shiny? Is it chrome?

Many may wonder, but rarely do we receive answers to such questions—until now. Through a garbled transmission from a date unknown, Earth of 2024 has been warned. Divert course; take back the joy of digitized input before the oppressors take over!

Hard-coded into this message were the blueprints necessary to create a set of keycaps to aid us. Enlisting the support GMK electronic design GmbH and leveraging their techniques, this double-shot ABS keyset has been enhanced with UV printed APL operator sublegends. Take up the call with the ORIGIN base kit, or add some extra boost to your signal with the optional ALERT add-on kit.