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Iron 180 is on its way! Be sure to let us know of any address changes. Click here for more info.
Iron 180 is on its way! Be sure to let us know of any address changes. Click here for more info.

Weekly Updates

Hello Everyone, 

This page is to try to improve individual product updates. When I have news I'll do my best to update this page, otherwise no news means its still being produced or shipped to us or that I have nothing to report.

Thank you all!


Ongoing Updates (Oct 19th) 

New updates are in red. 

Processing Timeline

This is current priority in shipping* out products:

  1. Dandy Deskmats - Shipping complete.
  2. GMK Classic Red Keycaps - Shipping complete.
  3. To The Moon Deskmats - Shipping complete.
  4. DSA Deskmats - Shipping complete.
  5. ePBT Aesthetic Deskmats - Shipping this week.
  6. Deep Navy Extras - Shipping this week.

*NOTE: If your order includes any other products not yet in stock, shipment will have to wait till all products are received.

      • Please be sure to notify us of any address changes.


      Current GMK and KAT Timeline is about 46-52 weeks (about 10 months-year), I believe both manufacturers are increasing capacity but that’s the window vendors are working with at the moment.

      Please note: GMK has delayed many of their sets until later this year due to material shortages. We will update here any news we get on specific kits but expect delays on all GMK sets.

      1. Corne LP Keyboards - These have been shipped with one order missing a Pro Micro :( Getting to ship more to us. 
      2. GMK Nord - Currently in production. Expected delivery is now late Q4 2021, possibly Q2 2022. 
      3. GMK Boneyard - Shipping complete.
      4. KAT OasisThese have shipped out (not including Oasis Nano/Keebwerk Nano)
      5. TKC 808 Boom - These have shipped out.
      6. Musubi - Key caps have shipped out. 
      7. GMK Bento r2 - Manufacturer is not happy with initial production run and doing more colour sampling to ensure the best product. New estimated ship date is now: Q4, 2021.
      8. Future Funk keycaps - These have shipped out.
      9. GMK Oni keycaps - New estimated shipping is Q4 2021.
      10. GMK Mecha-01 - Colour samples now approved. As of July 14th - New estimated delivery November/December.
      11. GMK Deep Navy- Shipping complete.
      12. GMK Sumi keycaps - received an update from the manufacturer - initial runs failed colour matching so back in production - shipping looking closer to end of year 2021.
      13. CannonCaps Zero - New estimate is late September 2021 due to first production run sample issues. Still waiting.
      14. GMK Rouge - New estimated delivery latSeptember 2021. Still waiting.
      15. GMK Hammerhead - Colour samples now approved. On its way to us.
      16. SA Skyriter - Shipping complete.
      17. KAT Atlantis, KAT Explosion, and KAT Mizu - Please see announcement below made on June 11th, 2021.
      18. KAT Cyberspace - New estimated shipping Q4 2021
      19. GMK Lux - These have shipped out.
      20. SA Mizu - Shipping complete.
      21. GMK Shoko R2 - Estimated Shipping end of Q4 2021.
      22. GMK Black Lotus - These have shipped out.
      23. Midnight Rainbow keycaps - These have shipped out.
      24. Lucky Jade - These have shipped out.
      25. GMK Serika 2 New shipping estimate for keycaps Q1, 2022
      26. GMK Apollo - These have shipped out.
      27. GMK Masterpiece - Estimated ship date is still TBD. After a production run, R4 failed acceptable DelatEab.
      28. GMK Frost Witch - These have shipped out. 
      29. SA Silent Assassin - SP has stated that production will not be completed this year and is likely completing early 2022.
      30. GMK Honor - New shipping estimate for Q1 2022.
      31. SA Nightlight - Shipping complete.
      32. GMK Pono - Awaiting shipping update from manufacturer.
      33. GMK Hallyu - Estimated shipping late Oct/Nov 2021.
      34. GMK Yuri 2 - New estimated delivery is late Q4 2021
      35. GMK Beta - New estimated shipping is early Q4 2021.
      36. GMK Red Dragon - New estimated shipping is mid-late Q4 2021
      37. ePBT Soju - Currently in production. New estimated shipping closer to mid/late Q4 2021.
      38. GMK SlothNew estimated shipping Q1 2022.
      39. GMK Redline - New estimate is late Oct/Nov for shipping.
      40. GMK Posh - Delayed. New estimated shipping is November/December 2021.
      41. DSA 1930 (Nineteen Thirty) Keycaps - Shipping complete.
      42. GMK Yuru - Delayed. Awaiting to hear back on updated timing.
      43. GMK Grand Prix - New estimated shipping Q1 2022.
      44. ePBT Cool Kids 2 - New estimates shipping Q1 2022.
      45. ePBT Origami - New estimated shipping is late Q1 2022.
      46. GMK Classic Red - Shipping complete.
      47. GMK Noire - New estimated shipping mid Q1 2022.


      Normally deskmats take around 5-6 months to get to proxies but lately it's been a bit slower. 

        1. SA Mizu, GMK Bread, Winter Hour - These have shipped out.

        2. GMK Sumi Deskmats - Ghost Koi have shipped out. 

        3. GMK Yuru Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        4. Dixiemech - Floral/9009 - Floral shipping complete. But still having issues getting updates for 9009. Please contact us for 9009 replacement options.
        5. Monochrome Series -  Shipping complete.

        6. GMK Masterpiece Deskmat - These have shipped out.

        7. Synthwave - All variants have now arrived. Awaiting approval from TKC to ship out. 

        8. GMK Cadet Yuri deskmats - These have shipped out.

        9. GMK Nord Deskmats - Received an update from the manufacturer. These are currently being colour approved. Estimating these to arrive Q4. 

        10. Nyap Time - These have shipped out.

        11. MECH Mat - Shipping complete.

        12. Plant Arcana - Shipping complete.

        13. Controller - All variants have now arrived. Awaiting approval from TKC to ship out.

        14. GMK Noire Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        15. GMK Aurora Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        16. Winter Bunny Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        17. With Love Collection Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        18. Infinikey Cabernet Deskmats (Pool) - Received news that these are in transit via sea. Estimated to arrive late September 2021. Awaiting update on other variants. Still waiting. 

        19. Lemon Heaven Deskmat - These have shipped out.

        20. GMK Hanami Dango Deskmats - Awaiting update from manufacturer. 

        21. Gravity Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        22. Redux Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        23. GMK Serika 2 Deskmat - Shipping complete.

        24. GMK 80082 Deskmat - Shipping complete.

        25. Brushworks Collection Deskmat - Shipping complete.

        26. GMK Red Devils Deskmat - Shipping complete.

        27. EPBT Ivory Deskmat - These have shipped out.

        28. GMK Deku Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        29. SA Nightlight Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        30. GMK Ishtar Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        31. GMK Cojiro Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        32. GMK Midnight Rainbow - Issue with this shipment unfortunately and we won't be able to get these in. Sent an email to customers for swap option or have issued a full refund.

        33. 808 Boom - These have shipped out.

        34. UYU Milk Series - These have shipped out.

        35. Calm Palette - These have shipped out.

        36. Shanshui Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        37. Birch Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        38. Musubi Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        39. Crusader Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        40. Hallyu Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        41. To the Moon Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        42. GMK Stealth Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        43. GMK Sloth Deskmats - These have shipped out.

        44. Sushi Deskmats - New shipping estimate - currently in transit via sea. These will arrive sometime in Q4.

        45. Nono the Duck Deskmats - New shipping estimate - Q4 late October/early November

        46. GMK Tuzi Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        47. GMK ThinkCaps Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        48. Cyber Meka - Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        49. GMK Redline Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        50. GMK Striker 2 Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        51. GMK Gateway Deskmats - Estimated shipping Q4 2021

        52. GMK Dots 2 Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        53. GMK Deep Navy Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        54. ePBT Origami DeskmatsNew estimated shipping Q4 2021, hoping for mid November.

        55. GMK Astral Deskmats - New estimated shipping, early November 2021.

        56. DSA Nineteen Thirty Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        57. GMK Iceberg Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        58. GMK Colourchrome Deskmat - Shipping complete.

        59. GMK Norse Deskmat - New estimated shipping late Q4 2021.

        60. GMK Awaken Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        61. GMK Maestro Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        62. Dandy Deskmats - Shipping complete.

        63. ePBT Aesthetic Deskmats - Shipping this week.

      Switches (Available/in-stock)

      1. Seal Linear
      2. Nightwalker Switches
      3. Mauve Linear
      4. Dark Amber Tactile
      5. Bushi Silent Tactile
      6. Lavender Linear
      7. Velocifire Linear 
      8. FFFF Switches
      9. Neapolitan Switches
      10. TTC Wild Switches
      11. Limbo Switches


      1. JDS Labs - Element IIs and ATOMs are in stock. 


      1. Mark65 - Shipping complete.

      2. Iron 180 - On its way to us. Have received JST + Daughterboard and PCB's so far.

      3. Saka 68 & Fuji 65 - CMM Cat BOT (Discord update)
        — Sept. 3 :Due to new COVID lockdowns that have been issued in China, Saka68 is estimated to be shipped to vendors October (subject to change -  so in transit to Deskhero in October, so shipping to customers hopefully by late November/early December). Fuji65 is still in the CNC phase and eta is mid-Q4 2021. Hopefully shipping to customers by late December.

      4. Cyberpunk BOX60 Keyboard Case and Stand - Shipping complete.

      5. KBDFans Blade Aluminum 60% Keyboard Case - Being Fulfilled.

      Extras Coming Soon

      1. GMK Deep Navy - Extras - Friday, October 15th @ 3pm EST, 2021, limit 1 base kit/customer
      2. GMK Classic Red - Extras - Friday, October 29th @ 3 pm EST

      1. Group Buys/Group Buy Variants that have been cancelled:

      • GMK Cobalt - Blue Kit
      • GMK Patisserie - Original Base and Extension Kit
      • GMK Jelly Delights
      • GMK Kouhai - Extension Kit
      • GMK Retrotrip (Aug 17)
      • GMK Pepperoni (Oct 5)
      1. Emeralds Tactile Switches: Some bad news everyone, myself along with CandyKeys and ThicThock have decided to cancel the Emerald Tactile Switch Group Buy. Some drama going on in the background unfortunately - and I want to protect Deskhero and our customers from that. Full Refunds will be immediately issued to all Emerald Switch buyers. Sorry for the inconvenience all 
      Next article Giveaway soon!