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Please visit our Weekly Updates page for news on products that matter to you!
Please visit our Weekly Updates page for news on products that matter to you!

Weekly Updates

Hello Everyone, 

This page is to try to improve individual product updates. When I have news I'll do my best to update this page, otherwise no news means its still being produced or shipped to us or that I have nothing to report.

If there is a product not listed here, feel free to comment on the product and I'll try to add it. The comments will be moderated for any spam/abusive/toxic behaviour.

Thank you all



Ongoing Updates (Nov 22nd)

New updates are in red. 


Current GMK and KAT Timeline is about 35 weeks (about 8 months), I believe both manufacturers are increasing capacity but that’s the window vendors are working with at the moment.

  1. KAT Eternal, KAM Little Pilot - Finally got an update from Keyreative, the process for shipping has started, they've asked me my preferred shipping carrer.  Hoping to get these shipped out next week, with 2 or so weeks to receipt. 
  2. Corne LP Keyboards - BIG apologies for this - the package we received have the parts for the keyboards but trying to get a list of what each kit needs before shipping out. Currently communicating with on this. 
  3. PBT Islander - Fix kits have arrived! And will start shipping to group buyers immediately
  4. GMK B - Has largely been fulfilled.  Looking to release extras around the end of November. 
  5. KAT Atlantis, KAT Lich - KAT in general still waiting on been in constant contact with zFrontier and Keyreative but they are also massively busy. 


Normally deskmats take around 3 months to get to proxies but lately it's been a bit slower. 

  1. KAT Mizu, GMK Oni, GMK Masterpiece -  These have been ordered and currently in production. It will come via sea since there was so many of them - hopefully by the end of the year.  
  2. TKC Deskmats - Sorry for the wait - Finale, Boba Tea, Suited Up and various other TKC x Artist deskmats have finally arrived and have started shipping early this week. TKC mats are a bit different in that all vendors try to sync up and release once we get approval.  So far Boba Tea, Finale have been shipped.
  3. TKC Deskmats #2 - We're hoping ship next are
    1. PanPan Mats + Plushies
    2. Aether Suited Up
  4. TKC Deskmats #3 - We have instock mats that have been ordered but not part of group buys, we're targetting this week to have them available.

    1. Alice in the LockKey Woods
    2. Netizen
    3. Yeet
    4. Adron Switches
  5. Dixie Mech Deskmats - These are still on the way to us, they were shipped via sea around the end of October.  I hope to get them sometime in the next couple weeks. 


  1. Matrix Labs FFFF - I spoke to FF a week or so ago and they said they are very close to finished production. Will update once I've verified shipment to us. It could take a month or so to get to us I imagine since we ordered a lot for instock purchases. 


  1. JDS Labs - Atom Amps + DACS and RCA cables have now finally made it into our fulfilment system. They are now available in the store for immediate shipping! and Working on getting the bundle discount going asap.


Next article Giveaway soon!

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