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Don't forget to check out our Weekly Updates as of February 12th!
Don't forget to check out our Weekly Updates as of February 12th!

Weekly Updates

Hello Everyone, 

This page is to try to improve individual product updates. When I have news I'll do my best to update this page, otherwise no news means its still being produced or shipped to us or that I have nothing to report.

If there is a product not listed here, feel free to comment on the product and I'll try to add it. The comments will be moderated for any spam/abusive/toxic behaviour.

Thank you all



Ongoing Updates (Feb. 24th)

Processing Timeline

This is current priority in shipping out products

  1. Processing Lavender Switches for fulfilment 
  2. Processing Minterly's Seal Switches for fulfilment
  3. Ship out GMK Masterpiece Deskmats to group buyers 
  4. Ship out Weave Deskmats to group buyers 
  5. Ship out GMK Red Dragon Deskmats to group buyers.

New updates are in red. 


Current GMK and KAT Timeline is about 35 weeks (about 8 months), I believe both manufacturers are increasing capacity but that’s the window vendors are working with at the moment.

  1. ePBT Ivory Keyset- Keysets are in customs at the moment, hope to receive them this week.   
  2. Infinikey Aether -  Aether Fixed kits are on the way to us.  We expect them to be OK'd by TKC soon thereafter. 
  3. KAT Eternal - Extras tentatively scheduled for Friday Februrary 26th @5PM EST
  4. Corne LP Keyboards - These have been shipped (last week) with one order missing a Pro Micro :( Getting to ship more to us. 
  5. KAT Atlantis, KAT Lich - KAT in general still waiting on been in constant contact with zFrontier and Keyreative but they are also massively busy. 
  6. GMK Nord - Still waiting. 
  7. PBT Islander - Fix Kits have continued being shipped to Group Buyers and Preorder people. Expect to be finished this week. 


Normally deskmats take around 3 months to get to proxies but lately it's been a bit slower. 

    1. TKC Candy Mats - We had to duplicate orders so they would be picked up by our fulfillment correctly. Group buyers should see notifications and receive them shortly 
    2. SA Mizu, GMK Bread, Winter Hour - Bad news. The shipment was accidentally delivered to the wrong unit in our building. Where they declined the shipment and it was shipped back to UPS. UPS started tracing last week and going through containers looking for the 15 boxes. Hopefully they'll be recovered soon.
    3. GMK Oni, GMK Masterpiece, GMK Red Dragon deskmats -  These have arrived and an email for address changes will be sent out this weed (Feb 24th)
      1. Dixie Mech Deskmats - 8008 / VT Geo / Meka deskmat extras are scheduled to be released on Monday March 1st 
      2. GMK Sumi Deskmats -  Bad news regarding GMK Sumi deskmats - it looks like there was a mixup with Ghost Koi <-> Sakura mat numbers, we got way more Sakura, and not enough Ghost Koi mats than expected.

        We've fulfilled what we can of the Ghost Koi orders, but going to immediately place another order with the manufacturer to have the rest covered. I'm going to assume itll be a 2-3 months before we get them in.

        Thanks for your patience everyone
      3. KAT Mizu - Mizu deskmats are completed. There are a few extras that are held for when keyset is received sometime later this year 
      4. GMK Yuru Deskmats - There was a problem with Nightscape deskmats where the manufacturer did not use the approved sampe with the result having elevated darks.  We will have these sold as B-Stock on Friday Feb 26th 
      5. Mono Wave Deskmats - still in production last I checked.  Expect to receive them sometime in Feb/March. 
      6. Dixiemech - Floral/9009 -  Had issues with shipment of these deskmats. We ended up having to re-order which means these will be delayed for another few months. 
      7. Monochrome Series - received news that these are still in production until about mid-march before they're shipped to vendors. I estimate sometime in mid to late April before we all get them.
      8. GMK Masterpiece Deskmat - These are received to us and an email will be sent out for address changes (Feb 24th)


    1. Matrix Labs FFFF - FFFF Extras are now available!
    2. Minterlys Lavender Switches - Extras are now available!


    1. JDS Labs - Element IIs and ATOMs are in stock. 


    1. Mark65 - Spoke with Boardsource and these are currently going through quality control and hoping to receive by end of February.



    Emeralds Tactile Switches: Some bad news everyone, myself along with CandyKeys and ThicThock have decided to cancel the Emerald Tactile Switch Group Buy. Some drama going on in the background unfortunately - and I want to protect Deskhero and our customers from that. Full Refunds will be immediately issued to all Emerald Switch buyers. Sorry for the inconvenience all 
    Next article Giveaway soon!


    E - January 21, 2021

    Any updates on the WAVE 2 deskmat?

    Dingo - January 21, 2021

    Any updates on the WAVE 2 run from thelastpadawan??

    Patrick - January 7, 2021

    Any updates on the desk mats for GMK Nord?

    ADITYA A - December 28, 2020

    Please give an update for the mark65 keyboards.

    Ren - December 28, 2020

    Any shipping dates for Infinity Aether and ePBT Ivory keysets?

    yamaan - December 28, 2020

    nothing on the GMK 80082 deskmats?

    Jerrold - Owner - December 17, 2020

    All questions asked below should be addressed!


    Laura - December 17, 2020

    Updates on SA SAIL? Others (I’m assuming in the US) have received their sets, so an update on the fact that they’ve shipped and an estimate on when you expect to receive them and ship them would be appreciated.

    Melissa Wang - December 17, 2020

    Any updates on the GMK Sumi deskmats? I ordered back in August and have yet to receive any updates through email.

    Jason Cheung - December 17, 2020

    I ordered the SA Mizu deskmat and the estimated date of delivery was stated for Late Nov 2020. I see that the KAT Mizu deskmat has posted weekly updates but not the SA Mizu deskmat (which was an earlier group buy).
    For reference, I have Order #HERO-4966.
    An email back about the status of the SA Mizu deskmat would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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