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Leviathan Keyboards shipping in progress
Leviathan Keyboards shipping in progress

Fuji 65v2 Swirl Premium Keyboard Collection

First shown in the JTK Nightsakura’s render, the Fuji65 has become a hot topic since first appearance. This time CMM Studio is  bringing you the successful Fuji65 to the western market. Designed by Mellperbia and Rifen, we hope to let you feel a sense of the fine mountain.

Deskhero is mixing up the original colors to bring a new set of twisted colorways.

We've also enlisted the help of a few experts like Alexotos and managed to improve the sound/feel and completely elevate the Fuji65 to v2.0 status!  We're also throwing in some goodies that weren't included the first time around - for free! These will definitely add to the experience as well as providing extra flexibility and customization to your Fuji 65 Swirl build.



Suggested Keysets:

  1. GMK CYL Shashin
  2. GMK CYL Pharaoh
  3. GMK CYL Dualshot 2
  4. GMK CYL DMG 2
  5. Novelkeys Copper
  6. GMK CYL Striker 2
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Colors that sing in harmony.

Suggested Keysets:

  1. GMK Truffelschwein 
  2. GMK Peaches and Cream
  3. GMK Patissiere
  4. NovelKeys Olivia
  5. GMK Awaken (Either Base Kit)
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The fairest keyboard of them all.

Suggested Keysets:

  1. GMK CYL Botanical 2
  2. GMK CYL Yeeti
  3. GMK CYL Fuji
  4. GMK CYL Moomin
  5. GMK Honor (Light Base Kit)
  6. GMK CYL Hazakura
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Fuji 65v2 Premium Keyboard Collection

Grab the Fuji Build Guide here.