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Sleek looking board with many high quality extras

As a fan of the original Fuji75, I was delighted to see a full white version of the Fuji65 on Deskhero during the Winter Holidays Sale. At around $420, it is definitely not a budget option, but paired with a free keyset that DeskHero provides, it becomes a much better option to digest. The extras provided such as the switches, foam, many different plates, and stabs round out the value proposition of the board.

The board is a very beautiful and clean white and the premium option badge and weight define the luxury look of this board. As for the feel of typing, the CF plate that I currently have mounted along with the ever popular Bobas give a smooth and soft typing experience. I didn't end up using the included switches or stabs on my final board, but as I was waiting for my endgame products to arrive, I tried the FFFF switches and they were definitely no slouch. I can say the extras included are of high quality and caliber. Overall, the board provides a pretty thing to look at and a fantastic thing to type with. I had a few minor scuffs on my original order but DeskHero support helped me ensure I got a flawless quality board at the end. Shoutouts to them for the help!

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the great review and the kind words. Glad you enjoy the look and feel of the board and the extra add ons we've included.

Great Board

I absolutely love this board paired with Gateron milky yellow pros and GMK CYL Olivia keycaps. The sound profile is sooo creamy and the typing experience is super soft with the CF plate! Would definitely recommend this board!

Hey Jamie! Thanks for the review. Glad you're enjoying the board.

Great 65% Top Mount Board

Great 65% design with the blocker on the top right. The contrast of the copper blocker and back weight against the all-black case is why I chose this particular colorway and it does not disappoint. As well, the carbon fiber back is really clean and matches the CF plate that I built the keyboard with; the CF plate leans into the stiffer typing feel of a top mount. Top mount sound is great and the FFFF stabs that came with the swirl worked well in the build. Also, it does not need foam to sound good. I do think that while it has a full sound, it does need louder switches, like long-poles to really bring the sound out. I myself installed Sarokey BCPs to achieve this. I think the value is there for the Swirl version as well. It is $400 CAD (standard) for a nicely designed keyboard, along with the all extras for v2, namely the backweight, different plate and free switches + stabs.

Hi Keegan, thanks for the awesome review and for your recommendations!

Nicolas A.
Very nice

It is a very nice keyboard, very well built and sounds pretty good. I would recommend some foam though otherwise it does sound a bit hollow. I really enjoy mine!

Hey Nicolas - thanks for the review! Glad you're enjoying your board.

Beautiful keyboard and amazing support from Deskhero

This was my first keyboard build and I'm really happy with how it turned out. The white board looks incredibly sleek and the GMK Fuji keycaps were a great compliment (fits the theme well!). The customization included with the keyboard was a huge selling point for me (3 plates, plate foam, polyfill, reach out in advance if you have a preference for tactile vs. linear switches) and really allowed me to build a keyboard that looks and sounds exactly how I wanted it to. Watching Alexotos' build VOD, I left out the mounting pin under the spacebar and tried out the tape mod which left me with a sound that I was really happy with. Unfortunately, this was my first build so I don't have anything to compare to irl but it did sound slightly more muted and deeper compared alexotos' VOD.

More than anything, I was amazed and blown away by Deskhero's support along the way. They were extremely responsive to my requests (preference for linear switches, assistance with a pcb part that broke during transport) and didn't make me feel like a complete beginner for not using the usevia app to figure out that the right side control key was actually preset to a function key... whoops. For anyone looking to build their first keyboard, this is a great offering that comes with everything you need and allows you customize it to your own preferences. It comes with the added benefit of being very aesthetic and there is comfort knowing that Deskhero's support is top tier. Don't forget to grab a cable for your keyboard!

Hey! Thanks so much for the great review and for your kind words. Glad to help and happy to support anyone new to the keyboard community. We'll add your Review Pts so it total to be 500+100 for the pic!

Classic design that still holds up today

The Fuji65 is a stunning board with a clean aesthetic that holds up against modern competition despite being a 3/4 year old design. The anodization and PVD finish are both emaculate and on par with the quality of boards at a much higher price point.

I have built mine with Gateron KS-3 X47 Yellow Pro switches on the carbon fibre plate and a black cherry pie on the spacebar and I haven't used the mounting point under the spacebar. This build provides an endgame sound and feel in my opinion and will be in my rotation for a long time!

The weight of the board coupled with top-mount provide a typing sound which is well rounded and doesn't require foams to sound good, though they are provided in the kit from Deskhero (poron plate foam and polyfill) so you can shape the sound to your preferred style. You also get plate options of Aluminium/FR4/Polished Brass included to further tailor the sound and feel. These are amazing inclusions that were not included in the base kit during group buy so the value proposition is fantastic.
It's worth noting being a top-mount board, the typing feel is noticeably stiffer than boards that utilise gasket mounts. But, if you are after a stiffer board then this is the one for you.

I don't see it mentioned on the product listing, but I measured the front height of the board to be 20mm without feet or 21mm with (Might be off by 1mm either way as I only had a tape measure to hand). I find this is on the higher end for my preference, but still comfortable enough to type on without a wrist rest over an extended period of time thanks to the relatively shallow 6.5 degreee typing angle.

Overall this is a fantastic board with amazing extras that make it almost a no brainer for any keyboard enthusiast to pick up!

Thanks for the fantastic and detailed review! This will answer a lot of questions. We'll add your Review Pts so it total to be 500+100 for the pic!

Enjoying this one a lot

The beautiful back weight design and the simple badge accent contribute to a sleek and complete package. The polished brass plate is my absolute favourite aspect of this keyboard, creating an incredible shiny finish that can be spotted in the spaces between the keycaps adding a small detail to make it stand out among the rest.