KAT Cat's Eye

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Have you ever looked into Cat's eye closely before? It's really stunning.

This keycap design is inspired by Tuxedo Cat.

Black and white color is their fur, and the main point color yellow-green which is a Tuxedo cat's Eye color. It's simple color composition but the yellow-green point color really pops up among the others. If you like a cute cat it will suit your taste.

We made it into two different types, Light and Dark version. We hope people can find cuteness from it.

Cats have undeniable cultural significance. Marbles, Ancient Egyptians, and wise ladies display unique relationships with felines. The most striking Tuxedo Cats have green eyes, according to the designer, so that’s why emerald green rips through this sinuous keycap set.

Given that it’s spook season, and that the set has cute accessories (like deskmats), what isn’t to love?


  • Designed by SP People
  • Produced by Keyreative
  • Profile: KAT
  • Material: PBT
  • Legends: Dyesub and Air Dyesub

The set will run from Oct 30th to Dec 4th 2020


For KAT sets, we must hit a total number of keys ordered in order to hit MOQ. The following per-kit MOQs will guarantee that we can get all kits made. If we do not hit the overall MOQ, the set will not run and all orders may be cancelled. For this set, the MOQ is 54k units.

Estimated Date of Delivery: Q4 2021-->Production to start February 2022/ New estimated delivery Late Q3/early Q4 (subject to change).

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