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Happy Long Weekend! DESK[H]ERO also observes Canadian Statutory Holidays. Please allow for Customer Support and Shipping Delays.
Happy Long Weekend! DESK[H]ERO also observes Canadian Statutory Holidays. Please allow for Customer Support and Shipping Delays.


General FAQ

1. What is your return & exchange policy for in-store/ready ship items?

If you’re looking to return or exchange your in-stock order, we're here to help! We offer free returns or exchanges of any damaged/defective items within 30 days of receiving your order. You can return your product for store credit, a different product, or a refund* to the original payment method. *PayPal has a refund window of 180 days from when the order was placed. If the PayPal refund window is closed, a Deskhero gift card will be issued in the same value.

Group buy cancellations or return of items that are not defective/damaged may incur a fee however.  

Please see our Policies page here:


JDS Labs Pre-Orders and COVID-19

JDS Labs wont be fulfilling partner orders till about May 30th due to quarantine.  We're hoping to get a shipment in right after that - early/mid June. 
Read more about it here:

To make the wait a little more bearable we've decided to put in a slight pre-order discount!
Hoping to expand the line up and include the EL DAC II and Obejctive line as well as increasing the number of products this round. They are doing quite well in Canada and looking to get them into more hands! 


Group Buys Specific FAQ


Please check your order once you get a shipping notification to ensure that the shipping address is correct. 
  • It gives us a chance to perform any redirection operations if possible.

The single best way to make sure you get your package after months in production is to use CanadaPost Flex Address. Register here:


  1. Login to your account here: and click on the View addresses link
  2. Update your profile with the new address and save.
  3. Email us at with your order number(s) and new address. We will need to switch the address on our side. 
If you do not have a Deskhero profile, you will still need to notify us via email of your new shipping address. Please include the following in the Subject Line: "Address Change Needed". 

Updating your Deskhero profile will only affect new orders (not previous orders made).

As of Monday, August 16th 2021, we will no longer send courtesy emails when Group Buy inventory arrives prior to shipping to confirm any address changes.

Notifications of address changes must be made at least 3 business days prior to fulfillment/order shipments.

Please note that depending on where you are changing the address to, there may be additional shipping charges.

Deskhero is not liable for address changes that we are not notified of via email or notified of after fulfillment has occurred.

Customers will be responsible for any charges for re-routing or re-shipping of orders due to new addresses we were not informed of or any unclaimed packages where receiver did not collect package or due to incomplete shipping addresses (eg. missing unit/suite/apt. numbers). Shipping cost for the initial shipment are non-refundable.
  • What is your Group Buy/Pre-Order Return Policy?
    • As a rule, we don’t generally accept returns due to the nature of these products. If you have a problem with your order, please email us at and we will do the best to help out. If there are extenuating circumstances, return authorization will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

  • Are DIY and Customs Items like Keyboards covered under warranty?
    • DIY items and custom items with manufacturer's defects are ONLY eligible for a refund/replacement (if stock is available) if they are:
    • 1) Reported within 30 days,
    • 2) Inspected by manufacturer and proven to have a manufacturer's defect (not user damage or improper use), and
    • 3) Returned in unused condition with manufacturer's original carton and must include all components and other items originally packaged with the product (i.e. cables, manuals, etc.).
    • Keyboard Lubing can damage your keyboard, and will void the warranty if used.
    • Custom cables, PCBs, LEDs, diodes, keyswitches, lubricant, and similar parts sold for keyboard repair or modding do not have a warranty from the manufacturer, and we cannot be held liable for damage including, but not limited to, damage from improper use, stripped screws, installation, or modification.
    • Please contact our Deskhero Support Team at prior to returning your item to discuss the best available options.
  • What is a Pre-order?
      • They are a subset of Extras that are sold at a higher price than the original Group Buy price. There's less of a wait than group buys, and they WILL ship with the group buyers.
      • Can I cancel my Group Buy/Pre-Order order?
        • Cancellations during a group buy/pre-order will incur a 3% fee due to Payment Gateways such as PayPal/Visa/Mastercard no longer returning transaction fees.  
        • Cancellations after a group buy will incur a 5% fee because orders are typically placed with manufacturers immediately after Group Buy ends.

        • All refunds will be made to the original payment method with the exception of Paypal if the refund window has closed/over 180 days. These orders will be refunded via Deskhero gift card only. See

        • See PayPal Policy here:

        • No cancellations will be accepted if an order has already been fulfilled or entered the fulfillment phase. If your message is sent outside of support hours there is a chance your order will be fulfilled before it can be cancelled. Customer support is available during Monday-Friday 10am - 5 pm CST.

      • Can I cancel my in-stock/ready-ship order?
        • Fastest way to cancel your order is to have a Deskhero profileCreate a profile using the same email address as your order.
        • Once created and the order has not yet been fulfilled or entered the fulfillment phase, cancellations can be done online on Go into your order and hit the Cancellation button at the top right hand of the order screen. If the Cancellation button does not work - it means your order is already in the middle of the fulfillment process.
        • If you do not have a Deskhero profile, you must notify us via To be eligible for a cancellation, we must be notified within 5 hours of placing the order. NO cancellations notified via email can be processed on weekends. Customer support is available during Monday-Friday 10am - 5 pm CST. If your message is sent outside of support hours there is a chance your order will be fulfilled before it can be cancelled.

      • I used PayPal during the Group Buy - Can I get a refund on my item?
        • PayPal return window is unfortunately 180 days - if your group buy item has not shipped but is past the 180 days since the order then we can offer store credit in the full amount.

      • Where is my refund? 
        • Refunds are done manually and usually take 2-3 business days to process. Once issued, your credit card company can take between 3-7 business days to finalize the transaction.
        • Why am I being charged for shipping on a Keyboard Group Buy, I thought shipping is free over $300? 
          • Custom keyboards from group buys tend to be pretty heavy, so the normal Free Shipping wont apply. Deskhero is still on the highest discount tier shipping available for both CanadaPost and UPS so it shouldn't be too bad.  
          • Can I merge two or more orders to save on shipping?
            • Unfortunately, combining orders need to be done manually and has caused too many errors with fulfillment to split it out. We are continually trying to improve our systems and are working towards making this possible in the future.
            • So please be mindful of your final order!
            • Can I combine a Group Buy item with a ready ship/in-stock item?
              • Unfortunately no. Group Buy items arrive months after the end of a group buy/after your order so we are not able to hold in-stock inventory until the Group Buy item arrives. 

            • Can I combine a Group Buy's/Pre-Order's matching (or in-stock) deskmat with the keyset in my order?
              • Unfortunately no. There was a time where orders allowed to add deskmats and keysets together but due to the nature of production -deskmats often come many months before the keysets arrive.  There is simply not enough space to store deskmats for months at at time. 

                This may change in the future, and some sets may allow it depending on manufacturing timelines for both the keysets and deskmats.

            • Can you offer cheaper shipping?
              • No, the shipping prices that are shown are directly pulled from Canada Post, USPS, DHL, and UPS, and are the actual price. These are the cheapest prices we are able to get.

            • What is your processing time?
              • Usually able to ship out within 2-3 business days for in-stock/ready ship items. (See below for Group Buy estimated times)
              • Deskhero observes Canadian statutory holidays. Order processing, shipping, and customer support will be delayed during those times.
              • Please note payments made via Paypal echeck take more time to process and any in-stock/ready ship items will not be reserved while payment is pending. Stock may be sold out prior to payment being cleared and your order may be cancelled.

            • Do you ship internationally?
              • Yes we ship worldwide - but some specific addresses might not work if our carriers cannot reach that area. if you try running through the checkout process you should be able to select name of country and then enter in your postal/zip code to see if it works.
            • Do you ship to PO Boxes? 
              • Yes we can ship to PO Boxes within Canada but only through Canada Post. Or through USPS in the United States.

            • Will you mark down/under declare the value of my order for customs?
              • No. We will be as compliant to laws & regulations as much as possible. 
                • Where are you located?
                  • I am located in Winnipeg, MB in Canada

                • Do you offer Local pick up?
                  • Due to the current Covid situation we can no longer offer Local Pickup and are not yet set up for curbside delivery.  We're working on it and hoping local pick up/curbside delivery will be doable in the future.
                      • What is Additional Shipping Insurance?
                        • Since Route is not clear when it comes to supporting pre-orders/group buys, we're allowing customers to add Additional Shipping Insurance to their order. 

                          Each quantity is enough for $100 additional insurance (there is already $100 baked in) which will cover any carrier issues. 

                          For any issues we must wait until the conclusion of any investigations done by the shipping carrier.  If they deem that the product was lost on the fault of their own, then we will definitely cover you for the amount purchased (minimum $100 of the included insurance) 

                          This does NOT include porch pirates/stolen products from your property after it has been delivered however. 

                          Please be mindful of your deliveries from



                      • Can you edit or change my order?
                        • Editing may be possible on a case by case basis.  Although there is a maximum 60 day window where order edits are available. 

                      • Can I merge a couple orders to save on shipping? 
                        • No longer supported. Shopify doesn't actually allow merging on the back end (for some reason) so its a manual process to refund shipping on one order, and add a "note" on both orders and hopefully get them packed together come shipping time. Its too time consuming and way error prone.

                      • I sent you an email and haven't heard back in a couple days.
                        • We try to answer emails within 1-2 business days (10 am - 5 pm). Please shoot me another email if you haven’t heard back after 3 business days.
                        • It's best to use a new email versus replying to a thread if the original thread is older than a week - threads can often get buried.
                        • Deskhero observes Canadian statutory holidays. Order processing, shipping and customer support will be delayed during those times.

                      • I sent you a Reddit/Discord/Instagram message, but I haven't heard back? What's going on?
                        • While I try to respond to every reddit/discord/facebook message, I am not always able to reply. Always use email to get in touch with me. 

                      Group Buys

                      • What is a Group Buy?
                        • Group Buys are a method of sale similar to a pre-order. Payments are collected ahead of time in order to submit a bulk order to a manufacturer for production. Due to this, there is often an extended timeline from the order date to when the product is shipped out, with these timelines ranging from a couple weeks to several months. In all Group Buys posted here on the site I will include on the order page an estimated timeline for production and shipment.
                      • What is MOQ?
                        • Group Buys are subject to MOQ's or Minimum Order Quantities. This is the minimum number of units needed per Group Buy/Group Buy variant for our manufacturers to agree to produce to ensure customers get the best pricing. MOQs are set by the manufacturer.
                        • If the Group Buy does not meet the required MOQ for a particular item/variant, then that item will be cancelled and fully refunded to the original payment method used.  

                      • You missed your estimated timeline. What's going on?
                        • We provide Weekly Updates for all group buys, so that customers can stay informed and up to date on the progress. Many times unforeseen issues can occur, which can cause delays.
                        • Check out our weekly update page here:

                      • What is the estimated shipping time on Group Buys?
                        • GMK/KAT typically begin shipping 12-14 months after the end of the Group Buy
                        • ePBT/SA/Infinikey typically begins shipping 10-12 months after the end of the Group Buy
                        • Deskmats typically begin shipping 7-10 months after the end of the Group Buy
                        • Note: The estimated date of delivery for any Group Buy/Preorder is just that - an estimate. Delays and setbacks may occur and are not uncommon.