Bubble 75 Mechanical Keyboard - Standard


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Kit Options: Green
Weight Colour: Gold Aluminum


The Bubble 75 is a premium, compact, gasket mount keyboard kit designed to be screwless. We have also modified the internal structure details to improve the typing feel and sound. There have been flex cuts placed throughout the plate to ensure a soft typing feel. We hope it can stand out among the current lineup of affordable, yet premium 75% keyboards. 

For official build guide, click and download through link here.

 Stock PCB supports ONLY the following layout:



IF YOU NEED ISO SUPPORT YOU NEED THE SOLDERED PCB AND A PLATE - The ones included in the kit only support ANSI

Soldered PCB and Extra Plate compatibility:

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      Vaishnav G.
      Endgame keyboard!

      If you are looking for an endgame keyboard, Bubble 75 is a great choice. Great keyboard with a minimalistic look!

      Current build: PC plate, plate foam, case foam, PE foam, Mode Obscura switches, PBTfans WOB keycaps and TX AP stabs. I would like to try POM plate in the future with WS quartz switches. :)

      A 75% you won't regret buying!

      It was most certainly interesting being new to this hobby and buying my first middle-of-the-line/expensive custom keyboard. I went super unorthodox and tried building a yellow theme.

      For the 2 months I've owned this keyboard: not only is it super sleek, but the potential in sound is also tremendous. You have many optional uses of foam, which can change the sound potential, the customizability is there which is easy for beginners to test the waters.

      The screwless design makes this keyboard look amazing, the yellow and the black fit so well, even with GMK Serika. Serika felt like a perfect fit and it definitely matched the theme of my keyboard.

      With many premium features in this keyboard, it was for sure worth every single penny.

      My board has 67g Holy Bobas (U4T with Halo Stem), and this keyboard sounds like marbles with the PE foam.

      Good board

      I got the sky blue with yellow alu backing. There were no defects and building it was super simple. Would recommend this board along with any other Velocifire board to those new and old to the hobby.

      Stellar 75% Board!

      75% is my favourite board layout, my first being the KBD75v1 back in 2016.

      This marks my first build that uses foams, polycarbonate plates, gaskets, and flex cuts. I didn't know what I was missing until today, and now I want to replace all my customs with new ones with similar features.

      The Bubble75, built with lubed Zealio Redux 62g' is something better than the sum of its parts. The sky blue is definitely a tad darker than what I expected, however it may also just be due to my lighting situation so this is not a fair assessment. I also tried building this with a brass plate, but the sound was not as nice as it was with the PC plate. Deep thocks only.

      These were the original switches that god me into the hobby and were perfect; I didn't know that the additional features of the board could enhace the switches even more. All in all, this board has me back in the hobby after a 4 year hiatus, and I'm glad to be back.

      Great budget board

      For the price this board can’t be beat.

      Ridvan S.
      Poppy Sound!

      Love the sound of this keyboard! Not only does it have the Jelly sound, the flex cuts in the PCB and the plate choices all you to put together a really bouncy board that sounds great.

      Awesome board for the price

      The pictures do not do the board justice. The red color is fantastic and the finish is flawless. The board when paired with liners is bouncy and not to stiff. The hot swap works well and there is ample amounts of foam to customize the sound to your liking.

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