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Artisan - HI! Viz Salvun Cap [Group Buy]

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  • Start: May 3rd 2024
  • End: May 31st 2024
  • Production Completion ETA: Q4 2024
Sale price$79.99 CAD

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Hi Viz is a really, REALLY special project. So I wanted to make the artisan special too. While everything else around the project is inspired by the best color in the world, the artisan builds upon the metallic plastic GMK uses for the legends.

It features 3 machined pieces, all treated in a different way but uncoated. The bottom is aluminum with a stone wash tumble finish, the top is polycarbonate with a tumble polish finish, and the “HI!” logo is also aluminum but with a tumble polish finish just like the top. The top keeps the logo in place, 4 screws keep the top in place. Snug.

The artisan is delicately machined by my friend Salvun here in Belgium. It’s pushing the limits, and he’s the right machinist for the job.