Series 00 Artisan Keycaps


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Style: Single Sandblast Silver Aluminum

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Series 00 is a metal artisan available in aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. 

Designed and manufactured by esc lab, a design lab focused on simple, honest, and functional products. 

Series 00 is a brutalist interpretation of the Cherry keycap. Each keycap has a built-in Series ID system engraved in the base - will you be the lucky buyer to get #01? Or #420? 

In this group buy, the following Series 00 will be available for purchase

  1. Sandblast Silver Aluminum
  2. Sandblast Black Aluminum
  3. Sandblast Brass
  4. Hand Polished Stainless Steel
  5. Hand Polished Brass

Series 00 will be available in the following editions

  1. Single - just want to buy one? This is your choice.
  2. Quattro - want to buy four of the same Series 00 i.e. 4x Sandblast Black Aluminum? This is perfect for function rows and macro pads. 
  3. Foundry - want to collect all five Series 00? Then catch ‘em all with the Foundry Edition. Foundry Edition customers will also get a little something extra. 

For more information on Series 00, please check out the Series 00 website

QC Info: Due to the nature of mirror-polished finishes, there may be minor, unavoidable hairline / micro scratches.  Brass finish may undergo tarnishing over time, and may have small unavoidable markings as a result. By purchasing these products, you are acknowledging these quality standards.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stunning artisans

I absolutely love how simply and beautiful these artisans are. The polished brass is absolutely amazing, but quite the fingerprint magnet. My only complaint is that the height is taller than cherry, but not tall enough to match higher profile its never the same height as anything. Wished these were cherry height

Omar P.
Attention to detail second to none.

These come in a nice clear container set in foam with a numbered certificate. The polish finish was perfect, can't wait to add to my collection with future releases.

ryan h.
Most industrial looking artisans

I got the foundry edition and they look absolutely amazing on my full metal iron180 build.

If you are worried about fingerprints I would just get the sandblasted versions otherwise the polished ones look amazing.

Nice Basic Artisan

Series 00 is a well made basic artisan that likely will match your weight finish. My only gripe is that the keycap is larger than a standard F row or esc key making the keycap awkwardly poke out slightly for those looking for a more seamless look.

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