Onyx - FRL TKL Keyboard

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Kit Options: Navy Blue Case w/ Black Alu Plate
Layout: WinKeyLess
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Meet Onyx.

A collaboration between funderburker and Quaddepos, Onyx is designed to be something new yet classical.

A keyboard that speaks louder than it sounds.

Designed without any compromises, Onyx is a F-row less tenkeyless (FRL TKL for short) with an additional 4 key macro cluster on the side and a clean, minimal brass weight. Onyx is a gasket mounted keyboard that's completely seamless and internally screwed, giving the illusion it's sealed shut without any hardware.

The board sits comfortably at a 7-degree typing angle and is available both in Winkey and Winkeyless variants, with plates being separated into ANSI and ISO layout plate options, both Full and Half-plates.

VIA-compatible PCB that's been designed by Upas will fit any user and their specific needs while still offering easy configuration and programming. A fully assembled Onyx will be just shy of 2 kilograms in weight.

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  • F-Row Less TKL + Macro Column Layout
  • Gasket mounted plate
  • Seamless, internally screwed case design
  • 7 degree typing angle
  • VIA-compatible PCB with USB-C daughterboard, designed by Upas
  • ANSI support, WK & WKL (CannonKeys is not offering ISO plates)
  • Internally screwed minimal weight design
  • Your choice of  WK or WKL Top

Each Onyx Keyboard will come with the following:

  • 1x 6063 aluminum board top
  • 1x 6063 aluminum board bottom
  • 1x Brass weight
  • 1x Anodized Aluminum Plate or Brass Plate (depending on variant)
  • QMK + VIA Compatible PCB designed by CannonKeys w/ ESD protection
  • Screws
  • Custom Feet (8mm bumpon compatible, so if you lose the custom feet, they are easily replaceable with bumpons)
  • Microfiber cloth and padded zip case with foam


  • Silver Top / Red Bottom / Red Aluminum Plate
  • Black Top and Bottom / Black Aluminum Plate
  • Green Top and Bottom / Black Aluminum Plate
  • Navy Top and Bottom / Black Aluminum Plate
  • E-white Top and Bottom / Sandblasted Brass Plate (You must purchase the E-white upgrade for this option - $27)

Note: The colors shown here are prototype photos. Production colors will be close, but might not be an exact match to the shown colors.

PCB Layout:


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