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GMK Maestro, GMK Gateway, ePBT Origami, Titan65 Keyboard and GMK Oni ships this week! See Updates Page for what ships next week. See FAQ for any address changes.
GMK Maestro, GMK Gateway, ePBT Origami, Titan65 Keyboard and GMK Oni ships this week! See Updates Page for what ships next week. See FAQ for any address changes.

Ducky ONE 3 RGB Black - Mini

by Ducky
Original price $169.99 CAD - Original price $179.99 CAD
Original price
$169.99 CAD
$169.99 CAD - $179.99 CAD
Current price $169.99 CAD
Choose a Cherry Switch

The much anticipated Ducky One 3 series is here! Featuring Ducky's all new QUACK Mechanics design philosophy which further elevates the brand's prominent attributes - featuring a fully hot-swappable PCB, great acoustics, true PBT keycaps, and more!

  • Genuine Cherry MX Switches: Choose from a range of switches for different typing experiences (Linear, tactile, clicky, speedy, silent)
  • True Double-Shot PBT Keycaps: QUACK Mechanics uses only the finest materials, the One 3 keycaps are made from true PBT. The seamless legends are formed through a double-shot technique where two plastics are molded together, allowing legends to never fade away even after multiple years of use. Finished with a frosted surface, these keycaps are shine and stain-resistant, made for fast movements and non-stop use, all while maintaining their original look.
  • Optimized Construction: The weight distribution and lowered case height improve the keyboard's overall stability and poise during the most rigorous of moments. Its front-to-back weight ratio is meticulously engineered to keep the keyboard in one unwavering position, essential for advanced gaming and typing. The stabilizers are also fine-tuned for an exceptional typing experience.
  • The Mini Layout features a 60% layout which strips off the number pad, arrow & home cluster, as well as the F-row to create a super compact design which saves a tonne of space on your desktop. This layout is best suited for gamers, casual typers, on-the-go tech aficionado's and those looking to embrace simplicity.
  • Authentic Acoustics: A multi-layered padding design is present to spotlight raw acoustics from your switches of choice and reduce unwanted noise during use. The One 3 comes with a supplementary layer of EVA foam pad located underneath the PCB to further improve sound reduction and unwanted sounds.
  • Fully Hot-Swappable: All standard Ducky One 3 mechanical keyboards are hot-swappable and feature Kailh's hot-swap sockets. Colored in a vibrant yellow, Kailh sockets are chosen for their impressive reliability. Easily mount your favorite switches into place without going through the trouble of desoldering switches. The most efficient way to enjoy a wide range of mechanical switches.
  • Detachable USB Type-C Cable: Featuring the highest frequency of 1000Hz polling rate, with this USB Type-C cable your keyboard sends its input signal(s) to your PC 1000 times per second. You can easily detach it for easy transportation and relocation.
  • Dual-Layer PCB and Anti-Ghosting: Longer life expectancy & signal stability. Handle any number of simultaneous key presses with the option of N-key or 6-Key Rollover
  • Three Keyboard Angles: The two-step keyboard feet allow you to set your keyboard at three different tilt angles for maximum comfort.
  • Sleek Bezel Design: The One 3 features a sleek bezel design to match all varieties of keycap colorways.
  • Dimensions: 310x110x40mm
  • Weight: 593g
  • LED: RGB

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