FFFF Keyboard Switch

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Pack Options: 70 Switches (Tactile)
We're excited to announce Deskhero's partnership with Matrix Labs, the manufacturer of the revered Matrix Lab Noah and Abel to offer the formerly China exclusive switch - the brand new FFFF (4F) switch in Canada!

Customer Reviews

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Andrew W.
Great switches

These are some pretty nice switches that sound great stock. They come pre lubed and have a good feel to them.

Solid switch

while they aren’t as smooth as the Alpacas or Tangerines, they have a great stock sound

Fits the Serikas perfectly

These switches look like they were MADE for the GMK Serikas. They're smooth and thocky, even stock.

Honestly surprised

After having tried H1s, alpacas and inks, these FFFFs rank near the top of my list of liners. Smooth and very pleasant sounding.

Zhongrui Z.
beautiful and smooth

used this FFFF liner for Mitrix lab Falcon with Alu plate. lubed with triboy and feels really good. It is smooth enough and sounds really pog. 62g liner is pretty comfortable with regular typing and colour matches stab as well.

My new go to

I really liked these switches. For what you pay you get something very worth it. The lube that comes in them is too thin, but thats not a bad thing because you can generally just lube them like you do banana splits where you put a thin layer of krytox over the existing lube. I do clean mine, but I have a tofu that i didnt clean them in and they work great. they sound good stock unlike alpacas(i had to replace the tops of my alpacas with cherry tops). for my linear builds for friends i have started really liking these for the sound and smoothness. They are not the cheapest, but if you consider that i had to pay 0.50 cad per switch for cherrys to get the tops of my other jwk switches to sound better then these are a great deal.

Really Smooth Linears

I ordered these because I wanted to try JWK Nylon switches and see how they compared to PC Top + Nylon bottom JWK as well as Cherry and SP-Star meteor switches. In terms of smoothness, these stock are way smoother than the Cherry stock and lubed switches and slightly smoother than the SP-Star stock and lubed switches. They are some of the smoothest switches I've ever tried. For me personally, the weight of the springs were a bit light but still felt very nice, I didn't hear too much spring ping but it did exist in some switches. In terms of sound, these were a tad deeper than the PC Top + Nylon bottom JWK switches. It was hard to compare them to Cherry and the SP-Stars, they all sounded deep but they just had different tones of deepness. Nonetheless, if anyone was looking for some smooth linears that could be used stock and prefer a decently light weight spring, I would definitely recommend these!