Lulu Split Mechanical Keyboard - Basic Version

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Kit Options: Charcoal / Smoke

Hotswap? Yes. Ergonomic? You bet. Dual OLED Screens? Maybe!

Lulu is an extensively engineered split keyboard blending two materials, aluminum and polycarbonate resulting in an elegant and alluring end product worthy of any desk. Each half of the lulu is comprised of two main sections, the top half (with integrated plate) is made from machined anodized aluminum available in four distinct color options: silver, space grey, charcoal, and maroon. Sitting below the aluminun on each half is injection molded frosted polycarbonate lower pieces available in three colors: clear, smoke, and ultem offering a beautiful material change and diffusing the lulu's underglow when turned on. Custom designed tenting kits and rotary encoder kits are also offered as optional add-ons during Group Buy designed specifically for the lulu. Investing in tooling and engineering to offer all of the lulu's polycarbonate components as injection molded pieces allows us to viably produce these pieces quickly and reliably at scale, all while maintaining an unmatched level of consistency across pieces.

While designing the lulu we always had the current popularity of the layout on our mind, it was important to us to acknowledge so many of our customers (and other store's customers) were already invested into the Lily58 ecosystem. As a result, the lulu case and PCB are offered separately during Group Buy, and the lulu case is 100% backwards compatible with current Lily58 solderable PCBs already available on the market and in user's hands. For those that want the best and most feature-complete PCB in the layout, we have created an SMT PCB to offer alongside the lulu. The lulu's PCB is SMT assembled, featuring MX Hotswap Sockets (Kailh), programmable RGB per-key LEDs and underglow, rotary encoder support on both halves (2 total), USB Type-C connection, TRRS Jacks, and female sockets already in place and soldered on board for OLED installation. All of this is attainable without needing to touch a soldering iron (installation of encoder component does require,


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