Lavender Linear Switch

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These are full nylon housing linear switches produced by Durock. The top housing has Durock branding. Durock has made new molds for this, and told us that the top and bottom housing are both made fully of Nylon, and that the stem is POM.


  • 65g Weight Gold Plated Spring
  • POM Stem
  • Nylon Housing, Nylon Top
  • Pretty Color
  • Factory lubed

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Matt G.
Lavender Switches

Very nice

Top 5

The best switches I used till now on my Bakeneko60
Smooth and good perfect performance and response

Nice looking and very smooth

Nice deep sound, love the transparent look. Need to lube and film tho

They're pretty

Springs felt a bit mushy and too heavy for me. Otherwise, I think they're very pretty and have a pretty deep and muted sound

Great deep sounding switch

Smooth and a nice deep sound. Feels very good for alpha's and space bars.

Johnny L.
Pretty Good But Doesn't Leave Me Wanting For More

Lavenders are pretty good. With my lubing technique I find difficulty to apply the perfect amount of 205g0, where sometimes it is not enough lube resulting in scratchy or too much and now it is sluggish. Also even after lubing springs I find some pinging on some switches. It's on the quieter and deeper sounding switches if that is what you are going for. I find them on a carbon fiber plate to help make them louder! When pressing down keys and typing normally I find them to not be an immediate travel bottoming out but more of a gradual/progressive bottoming out or I just overlubed them, your experience may be different from mine. Which is not a bad thing! I personally like it when I am typing but not when I play games.

These are pretty good switches and I like the way they sound in the board I am using and the housing colour is pretty! But it is not a switch that I would keep coming back for.

Sebastian A.
Smooth but heavy

I am currently running these switches on my Godspeed75, they have a very nice “poppy” sound but they have quite heavy springs in my opinion. I think they need to have an even coating of lube since they might get mushy in any extreme. I’m general I really recommend these switches as long as you can handle the weight of the springs, of course unless you swap them. :)

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