JTK Classic FC R2 Keycaps

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Kit Options: Base Kit - Mono (Unvaulted!)

Classic FC returns!

JTK Classic FC is heavily inspired by the beloved Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) in the 80s. The red, beige, and black color combo is the original colors from the Japan version from the eastern market, while the NES distributed in the west is in gray and black.

Returning for a second round with modified kitting and new colour options!

Customer Reviews

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Really good set!

I really like this set! The Legends are really well made, the keycaps have just the right texture and feel quite good to type with. I like that they included black accent keys as well for those who are planning to do a different type of aesthetic. There are a few nitpicks I will point out though for those who want it. For whatever reason, the homing F and J keys do not have the same sized bump on them. On my set, the F has a much more pronounced bump than the J. I am not sure if this is a manufacturing defect or something that was done intentionally. Another thing to note is that there is a small bump on the back of all the keycaps that you can't touch or see from a normal viewing angle.

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