IQUNIX SUPER 1+1 TKL Mechanical Keyboard [Group Buy]

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  • Start Date: August 25th 2023
  • End Date: September 25th 2023
  • ETA to Retailers: December 2023
Group Buy
Sale price$499.99 CAD
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Kit Options: Primary
Layout: WK
PCB: Wired ANSI Hotswap

Introducing Super 1+1 TKL

The Super 1+1 TKL by IQUINIX is a versatile and modular TKL keyboard in retro style. This keyboard allows you to customize clusters (numpad, navigation and/or arrow cluster) to your preference.

"1+1" means "IQUNIX + You", IQUNIX basic layout + your individual needs = Super 1+1 Series.
1+1 can be equal to TKL, 75%, FRL, 96%, full size, and other layouts.
The latest launch is 1+1 = TKL, a gasket mount keyboard kit with 89 keys layout, crafted from full aluminum.
IQUNIX SUPER 1+1 conveys a fusion of premium engineering, timeless minimalist design,
and limitless creative possibilities built for visionaries by visionaries.
Where will inspiration strike next? The open road awaits.

PCB Layouts

(Tri-Mode ANSI and Wired Hotswap)


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