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Hope 75X Mechanical Keyboard

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Edition: Premium
Color: Wine Red + Black
Weight: Gold Mirror PVD Brass
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Hope 75X

Aesthetically Beautiful. Ultra Functional.

The Hope75 keyboard kit is a premium gasket-mounted keyboard kit. It is designed to be screwless with a unique internal locking plus an external locking fixing method.

Both the PCB and the plate have been designed with many flexes cuts to ensure a soft typing feel and premium typing sound experience.

The rear weight of the Hope75 keyboard is fixed in a through-screw way. We adopted the magnetic footpad to cover-up the screws to avoid the incongruity of extra screw holes. It makes the surface of the keyboard look tidy and clean and easier to disassemble the kit. 

Key Features


macOS, Windows, and Linux support


Create and edit layouts using QMK/VIA


Easy assembly that requires no extra tools, with the option to change switches anytime

Multiple Mounting Styles

Achieve a variety of sound profiles and typing feels

Subtle LED Tail Gate

Customizable LED Tail Gate

Optional Sound Dampening

Foam available to dampen and deepen the sound profile

Required Resources

You may find updated VIA files to program your Hope 75 Keyboard as well as instructional documentation and video links.

Installation Video