Haven60 - Mechanical Keyboard

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Kit Options: Ocean Blue
Layout: WK
Plate Material: Aluminum

Group Buy Description

Start: Feb 10th, 2022 
End: March 11th  2022 or until 50 units are sold. 
Estimated Date of Delivery: Q3 2022

Inspired by vintage Victorian furniture, the Haven60 gives a unique impression on the desk with its bold and curvy design..

It’s compatible with standard 60% PCBs with UCB-C located at the top left corner to support a wide range of layouts, and allows you to use a PCB of your own choice and preference.

 Group buy Info

This keyboard is sold without PCB and comes with a plate that supports a wide range of layouts for maximum customizability.
Make sure your PCB supports the listed layouts and have USB-C placed at the top left corner (the GH60/dz60/pok3r standard).

This way the keyboard supports anything from split spacebar and split backshift to arrow keys and HHKB. Both ANSI and ISO. 

PCB plate will be available in aluminum, brass and polycarbonate.


You can also grab extra Plates, Foam and Wristrests here!

Examples of PCB’s that are supported:

  • DZ60 rev 3
  • DZ60 RGB v2
  • BM60
  • XD60
  • H60 from Hineybush
  • NOP60 from Checkerboards

Technical information

  • Keyboard size:             60%
  • Case angle:                 6°
  • Weight:                         1.8kg unbuilt
  • Keyboard Material:       Aluminum 6061
  • Wrist rest material:         Aluminum 6061, Clear polished Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Gasket/Foam:               Closed cell EPDM rubber
  • Keyboard width:           324mm (12.76”)
  • Keyboard depth:           150mm (5.91”)
  • Wrist rest width:           324mm (12.76”)
  • Wrist rest depth:           55mm (2.17”)
  • Keyboard front height:   20mm (0.79”)
  • Wrist rest front height:   10.5mm (0.41”) 

What's in the box?

  • Keyboard top frame
  • Top frame gasket
  • PCB plate of your choice
  • Bottom case
  • Bottom case foam
  • Fasteners and fastening tools 

Typing test from Alexotos: Polycarbonate plate


Typing test from Filledtypes: Brass plate

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