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Kit Option: Base Kit - Dark

Inspired by Samurai and more generally the Japanese culture, GMK Honor features a cold grey and a light cream white with Katakana sub legends.

Designed by biip.

Customer Reviews

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Jeremy M.
Great set!

Great white/off-white GMK set! Bought it in June 2022 and is still holding up. Legending is great and looks good on any white or earth-toned keyboard! Here's a photo of it on my Shelby80.

Amazing photo! You may get +5000 Reward Pts if you are a verified owner and selected as a winner this holiday

Edward d.L.
Amazing colors

I got the dark base set with the novelties. The colors on these are so much better in person than what I was expecting. These caps are super versatile and look good on a lot of different case colors. Super happy with these.

Versatile kit

I got the light kit and they look great on a navy board!

A good utility-knife set from GMK

I find this particular set (Honor Dark) to be quite versatile, I have it on a muted green board and it looks great at the moment. Can definitely see it on an e-white board as well. Quality is typical GMK, on point. Purchased the RAMA Kabuto as well, nice but nothing too special as far as artisans are concerned.

Andrew C.
Feels great, looks... not as great

This is my first GMK set, and I can definitely feel the quality on these. They're thick, they have a unique sound profile that's a bit deeper than other doubleshot caps (although I've only tried doubleshot PBT), and they only shine a little bit around WASD after a month of use.

The colour is NOT what I expected. That's not to say they look bad, necessarily, but they definitely don't look exactly like the keycaps I purchased. Renders for these caps made them look more grey and slightly muted, but the keycaps that shipped turned out more blue and are more colourful than I expected. (This is the same on GMK Bushido, which it is based on.) I don't hate the colour - but I definitely would be enjoying this set more had it been the grey colour I expected. Apparently the grey comes out more in specific lighting. I haven't been able to see that.

As of right now I have them on a black Idobao ID80, but I'm definitely going to be taking them off soon and throwing them on a different board. This colour doesn't look great on black, in my opinion. Give it a bit more colour. (Or don't. You do you. I'm not your mother.)

Not a bad purchase at all if you're looking for new keycaps - but look at some product photos first, not just the renders.