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Introducing GMK High Voltage (v1.5)!

This set was largely inspired by wiring diagrams, control panels, and hightech-looking things that bring out a sense of wonder and respect for the capabilities and awesomeness of technology.

Electricity has quickly become such an integral part of our lives since it was first discovered; it's in our pockets and our desks, a fingertip away. With all our love for keyboards and their aesthetics, acoustics, and feel, sometimes we neglect what make the keys type.

It's in part to the little resistors and other components, and this set draws inspiration from them and the electricity that powers our boards, paying homage to the romanticization of technology and intelligence in movies and TV shows that have brought out a love in us for all things scientific and cool.

The colors started off as being inspired by the classic Iron Man red andgold scheme, but was slowly tweaked into a more sleek and poppy color scheme with the neutral black. A dash of electric blue helps to dial up the theme to 11. Altogether this scheme is one whole package, and it fits well with most other colors, so don't worry if your desk or case is a completely different color.

The set will begin on December 12th 2019

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