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Hanami Dango

We're happy to present you GMK Hanami Dango.

Hanami Dango is a japanese sweet very popular in spring during the cherry blossom viewing (Hanami 花見, "flower viewing"). It's also known as Sanshoku Dango (three coloured Dango) because of the iconic pink white and green! It's made out of sweet mochi rice dumplings on a skewer.

Pink is often flavored with sakura, green with matcha and white is just sweet rice. The set is based on the flower viewing tradition of eating hanami dango and dreaking matcha tea

Customer Reviews

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Minh T.
Buy an apple got shipped an orange 2 years later

Color matching is non-existence. Can't even return / refund. Gross.

Nice GMK set but not same as render.

It’s not a bad looking set but it doesn’t look like the render.

This is a great picture! You may get +5000pts if youre a verified owner and selected a winner this holiday!

Nickouille D.
Aliexpress Hanami Dango > GMK Hanami Dango

Could've been one of the best set ever.. Sadly, Aliexpress sellers know how to color match better than the actual designer himself. Don't trust the renders of this set. The green is so much darker and the pink is basically red. I would stay away from every future set made by Hectellian as this was such a disappointment.

Good GMK quality. Very poor color matching

Really good GMK quality keycaps as usual, but it falls really short due to the designer not knowing how to render or color match properly. Do not trust the render as the cream on the alpha is near white cream, and the green being super saturated compare to the green in the render. The colors are closer to GMK Watermelon than it is to the render. The worst is probably the pink accent as it comes off more close to red. The designer mentioned in discord about doing an R2 with a closer color match, but at this point. It's more of a joke if they ever run an R2. Don't trust Hectellian to be a reliable designer as they don't know what they're doing.