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GMK CYL Bento r2 Keycaps

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Kit Options: Base Kit - Traditional

GMK Bentō (inspired by the Japanese culture, and the iconic/typical home-packed meal called 'Bento [弁当]') returns! It will feature some spicy additions: new base kits, latin alphas, 40s support and more! Regarding the new base kit, I thought it would be nice to offer a monochrome color scheme using this nice tealish blue. You now have the possibility to have GMK Bentō in two tones: cream and blue thanks to the different novelties kits, for a more sea effect! I decided to use different Hiragana [ひらがな] sub legends (used for GMK Serika for example) because I find them more coherent adequate. The Katakana [カタカナ] sub legends come from GMK Bushidō and offer a more modern look due to their sharp and geometrical shapes.

- Biip

Customer Reviews

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Peter B.
Good keycap set but minor color matching differences

GMK Bento R2 is a solid keycap set and the quality is pretty good. I would just say in person the colors didn't match accurately with the renders such as the blue-grey modifiers which look more deeper blue in person. The salmon (pink-orange) accent keycaps also look a bit more orange than the renders as well.

Colours seem a bit off

Overall I like this set but man is it ever difficult to photograph. Everyone's phone seems to be juicing up the saturation of the blues and the reds in this set making it look way different from real life and the renders are completely off too. I tried my best to colour correct my photo so it should look pretty true to life. The product you are buying will definitely NOT look like the renders. The blues are only slightly cooler and more vibrant, the whites are actually a creamy off-white and the pinks are actually a bit more orange like a coral colour. If you are planning a build with this set wait until you get the keycaps in hand to order any particular colour of keyboard to go with them.

By far my most favorite set!

Absolutely amazing set with lots of great colors that aren't basic and boring, yet works with so many setups! Only set I've every bought novelties for as well. 10/10 my favorite set of all time.

Vibrant GMK set

The blue and orange really make this set pop. It looks great on an e-white board.