Gateron CJ Linear POM Switches - 50g

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CJ Switch Of POM Series

The CJ switches are a great Gateron linear switch that features a blue POM plastic stem and housing base. This housing is combined with a blue translucent ink upper housing to create a delicate smooth switch. If you are a linear lover, this linear switch with 50 gf actuation and 60 gf bottom-out will be a good choice for you! 

The Gateron CJ POM switches offer a unique typing experience with their POM housing and CJ stem. The POM material is known for its durability and resistance to wear, making these switches ideal for heavy use. The CJ stem, on the other hand, provides a distinct linear feel, allowing for precise key presses.

Gold Plated Spring

The Gateron CJ Switch utilizes a 15 mm gold plated spring with high sturdiness and resistance to allow for smooth actuation.

Slightly Factory Lubed

This light blue mechanical switch is slightly factory lubed, but you still have the option to re-lube it however you like!

Product Name Gateron CJ Linear Switch
Stem POM, MX stem
Upper Housing 
Proprietary Ink material, blue purple housing
Housing Base 
POM, blue purple base
Spring 15 mm spring steel
Pins 5-Pin switch 
Lubrication Lubed (Light Blue) / Unlubed (Dark Blue)

SMD LED support

Yes (only support unraised SMD-LED)

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