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Cherry Switch Type: Silver

Ducky has taken the Shine series to new heights with the Shine 7 featuring a Zinc Alloy case and new RGB capabilities all packed into a cutting edge design.. 

Available Cherry MX Switch Types: 

  1. Genuine Cherry MX Red Switches - Cherry MX red switches are suited for gamers with a linear path and lightweight keys for rapid actuation
  2. Genuine Cherry MX Silver Switches - The newest addition to the Cherry MX family of switches. This rare switch is similar to the Red but with a shorter travel distance and actuation for increased speed
  3. Genuine Cherry MX Blue Switches Experience all the hype of clicky tactile feedback with genuine Blue Cherry MX switches, made in Germany
  4. Genuine Cherry MX Brown Switches Provide users with a distinguishable tactile bump to let you know exactly when your keystroke has been activated


  • Accent key extras are random. Each case comes with different colour/pattern accent keys.
  • Zinc Alloy top case which is three times stronger than aluminum
  • Brand new Dynamic Bezel Design for a clean cutting edge look
  • New Upgraded RGB capabilities with more lighting modes to choose from including Tetris and now with the ability to customize via software as well as through hardware
  • Support for Razer Chroma Broadcastwith the ability to synchronize your RGB effects with your other devices and PC cases
  • PBT Double-shot keycapsfor the highest standard of durability in the world
  • Fullsized keyboard Layoutincludes number pad and extra shortcut keys perfect for power users and gamers alike
  • Ducky Macro V2.0- Remap your keyboard layout and save up to 6 profiles. Plus 3 implementation options and 6 record options
  • Three Stage Feet- Three stage feet with rubber stoppers provide a firm platform at your desired angle
  • Detachable USB-C Cable and Routing - The most durable connectivity option and univerally supported for easy replacement. Routing system lets you manage the direction of your cables to keep your desk organized
  • World Renowned Build Quality - Above an beyond build quality with dual layer PCB (circuit board), SMD RGB lights soldered from the back and strong PBT plastics provide a solid unit with a longer life expectancy

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