Ducky One2 Mini - BonVoyage

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Cherry Switch: Brown

The fan favourite Ducky One2 Mini now available in the Bon Voyage theme with White backlighting

  • This special model features the Bon Voyage themed keycap design for a French inspired twist
  • White LED Backlighting along with a range of customizable Backlighting effects
  • Genuine Cherry MX Brown/Red Switches - provide users with a distinguishable tactile bump to let you know exactly when your keystroke has been activated.
  • USB N-Key Rollover - Have confidence in your keystrokes as ducky keyboards can handle any number of simultaneous key presses. This can also be switch to 6-Key Rollover.
  • 60% layout - Popular among gamers and enthusiasts for its compact shape that frees up valuable space on the desktop and promotes a minimal aesthetic look.
  • Ducky Macro V2.0 - Remap your keyboard layout and save up to 6 profiles. Plus 3 implementation options and 6 record options.
  • 1000HZ polling rate - Ducky uses only the fastest refresh rates available to make sure that users have the highest accuracy and performance on the market.
  • World Renowned Build Quality - Above an beyond build quality with dual layer PCB (circuit board), SMD RGB lights soldered from the back and strong PBT plastics provide a solid unit with a longer life expectancy.
  • Slim Compact Design - The slim, compact and efficient design not only looks great but saves you valuable desk space.
  • Three Stage Feet - Three stage feet with rubber stoppers provide a firm platform at your desired angle.
  • Detachable Cable and Routing - Includes a detachable micro usb cable for easy transporation and replacement. Keyboard design includes 3 routing paths for cable management preferences.
  • Free Coloured Keycap set included - A free set of random coloured key caps is included with this offering.
  • New USB-C connectivity port

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    Good stock keyboard

    Obviously, this board is not as good as group-buy keyboards, but it is very solid for an in-stock keyboard at a very good price. Note that this board is not hotswappable