Aurora Devoted Themed Switches & Stabilisers

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Are you fully devoted?

In the same colourway as GMK Devoted Wuque Studios has collaborated with ItzBrian to make a fully Devoted build possible.

The Switches are 63.5 gram tactiles that have a tactile stem closer to that of a Cherry Clear. Less aggressive in terms of its tactility which is a welcome breath of fresh air in the current switch design landscape.

These stabilizers were designed to minimize the rattle as much as possible. The wires clip into the housing and fit into the sliders very snugly. As a result the wires are also less prone to popping out when changing keycaps.

Switch Details
63.5g Tactile
Nylon top and bottom housing
POM stem
5 Pin
In Switch LED Slot

Each Stabiliser kit comes with
4*2u Stabilisers
Both 6.25u and 7u
Gold Plated Wire
10 Screws

These are PCB mounted stabilisers. Switches and Stabs are FINAL SALE items and cannot be returned or exchanged.

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