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GMK Bentō (inspired by the Japanese culture, and the iconic/typical home-packed meal called 'Bento [弁当]') returns!
It will feature some spicy additions: new base kits, latin alphas, 40s support and more!

Regarding the new base kit, I thought it would be nice to offer a monochrome color scheme using this nice tealish blue.
You now have the possibility to have GMK Bentō in two tones: cream and blue thanks to the different novelties kits, for a more sea effect!

I decided to use different Hiragana [ひらがな] sub legends (used for GMK Serika for example) because I find them more coherent adequate.
The Katakana [カタカナ] sub legends come from GMK Bushidō and offer a more modern look due to their sharp and geometrical shapes.

- Biip

Original Group Buy for these deskmats - August 3rd to 31st 2020
Ships 1-3 Business Days

Not in Canada? No problem! Make sure you grab GMK Bento R2 from a vendor nearest you!

  • US: Novelkeys
  • Europe: Candykeys
  • Asia: ZFrontier
  • Oceania: DailyClack

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Colors seem fine to me

    The person who reviewed this deskmat and mentioned the color being too light must have a terribly color inaccurate monitor. If anything, the blue is darker than what I'd expected and is nice and subtle.

    Quality is what you'd usually expect out of a deskmat these days.

    Colors are off!

    It would seem like the colors of the desk mat are off. The blue is much lighter than in the renders, which could be a good or bad thing. But in my case, I disliked how it looked and just gave it away to someone I knew.