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In collaboration with CannonKeys, we're happy to bring you a new exclusive - the Durock T1 Dark Amber Switch in Full Nylon

      Customer Reviews

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      A really great and solid switch. The price is great for what you get! Is relatively quiet and has a unique soft sound profile. However, the only thing stopping it from being perfect is the fact that some switches come bent. It isn’t that big of a problem, but for me some switches were MISSING legs.

      Mathieu D.
      Leaf tick beware

      I don't know if it was just me or my batch of Dark Amber T1s have insane leaf tick that kinda ressembles a click from a clicky switch.

      Good basic tactiles

      I was lured in by the really nice colour but slightly disappointed that T1's just don't fit my preference for a tactile switch. Short pole stem, medium tactile bump, comfortable spring weight. They may be made out of nylon but the shape of the housing is also important for the sound signature & they definitely are not as deep or full sounding as cherry's nylon switches. Still a good sound; kinda half way between high pitched clacky and low pitched thocky.

      Nice Basic Tactiles?

      These are the first/only custom switches I own so far, so I have nothing to compare them to other than MXs. That said the action has a nice responsive bump and sound pleasantly understated on my EVO70 - nothing especially flashy as best as I can tell but they seem to be a decent 'baseline' switch. I've added Thicc Films as many sources have recommended for T1s - I haven't really tried them unfilmed to compare but I don't notice any wobbling or looseness with them applied.

      They unsurprisingly give off a dark yellow colour when lit - I use Serika keycaps and the yellow lighting suits them nicely.

      Amber colored T1

      They're really nice switches and are basically T1s with a different color. Great medium tactile and even better after lubing and filming.

      Omar P.
      Best T1 variant

      These are great for those who are wanting a medium sharp bump with a standard length stem. Slight spring crunch with no leaf ping. Benefits from lubing, and would film if you want to quiet down the volume. This variant is all Nylon so the pitch is lower than all other PC top t1 variants. Overall it's a low volume, low pitch switch that is the perfect middle ground for a tactile fan.

      T1 with a fun recolouring

      I’m a fan of the original Durock T1s, these add a splash of colour to a very nice switch.