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GMK Maestro, GMK Gateway, ePBT Origami, Titan65 Keyboard and GMK Oni ships this week! See Updates Page for what ships next week. See FAQ for any address changes.
GMK Maestro, GMK Gateway, ePBT Origami, Titan65 Keyboard and GMK Oni ships this week! See Updates Page for what ships next week. See FAQ for any address changes.

Bubble 75 Mechanical Keyboard - Premium

Original price $478.99 CAD - Original price $478.99 CAD
Original price
$478.99 CAD
$478.99 CAD - $478.99 CAD
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Original Group Buy Timeline

Start: October 8th 2021
End:  October 25th
 2021 (or until Vendor limit is reached)
ETA to Vendors: Q3 2022 

The Bubble 75 is a premium, compact, gasket mount keyboard kit designed to be screwless. We have also modified the internal structure details to improve the typing feel and sound. There have been flex cuts placed throughout the plate to ensure a soft typing feel. We hope it can stand out among the current lineup of affordable, yet premium 75% keyboards. 

Dont forget to grab the Bubble 75 Extra Components with your order!

For official build guide, click here.


  • Gasket Mount CNC 6063 Alu case
  • QMK/VIA Supported Hotswap PCB
  • PCB with USB-C daughterboard
  • PC Plate(flex cut design)
  • Brass weight
  • 6° Typing Angle
  • Poron Dampening pads
  • PE Foam Pad Included
  • Designed by Bubble studio

Kit Contents:

    • QMK/VIA hotswap PCB with RGB Axis backlit (Will have hex file, Json file, compatible with PCB stabs)
    • PC plate (Universal Layout)
    • Gold Plated Brass weight for Premium Edition
    • Poron dampener pack
    • Screws and standoffs 


     Stock PCB supports ONLY the following layout:



    IF YOU NEED ISO SUPPORT YOU NEED THE SOLDERED PCB AND A PLATE - The ones included in the kit only support ANSI

    Soldered PCB and Extra Plate compatibility:


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Lives up to the ‘Bubble’ name

    Really happy with my purchase – unboxing was a neat experience and everything is better quality than expected. The bubble theme throughout the board is also appreciated. Decided to purchase FR4 plate as an extra.

    Once again, glad I decided on this board!

    An excellent option for anyone in the hobby

    I have tinkered a fair bit with this board. People are very excited to find a Jelly alternative that is easier to get a hold of, but that isn't the only sound profile this board is capable of achieving. Without case foam and PE Foam, this board has a super nice clacky sound. It doesn't NEED the case foam to sound great! I urge anyone getting it to atleast try with & without the case foam, and also give it a try without the PE or EVA foam. I'm not saying that you'll prefer them over the PE sound, but there definitely is more to this board than people think.

    Overall, comparing to the GMMK Pro, I found that this board ticked all the boxes I needed ticket for an upgrade.

    Solid board with many customization options

    The Bubble 75 custom mechanical keyboard is one of my favorite custom boards. The typing sound and experience can be tweaked by playing around with the case foam, stand-offs, plate material, and plate foam combinations. I built mine with PC plate, 1 case foam, some of the stand-offs, plate foam, eva pcb foam, tape mod, GMK stabs, and holy panda switches to create a more firm typing build. The turquois blue case color wasn't as turquois as I'd originally thought, but it worked out well as you can see in the picture below. The bubble 75 is a solid value for the money with good build quality and customizability. I also bought a brass plate so the next time I open this up, I'll switch it up for a very different typing experience.

    The only odd thing is that the daughter board and ribbon cables cannot be purchased separately so even if you buy an extra PCB, you will still be missing the extra db and longer ribbon cables for the rainy day. Not a show stopper by any means, but I thought it was an odd decision made by Velocifire. I'm hoping they'll make it available for purchase in the future.

    A great sounding board

    This was the first keyboard group buy I went in on and it definitely didn't disappoint. I loved the sound of the Jelly Epoch, but couldn't get my hands on one. The board sounds great both with and without the use of the PE or EVA foam. The anodization on my board is very even and top notch. I built mine out with the EVA foam, long pole switches, and GMK Hammerhead and I absolutely love the sound profile of it. Very nice and bouncy typing feel.

    The only reason I can't give it five stars is that god. Damn. Ribbon. Cable. I've never felt so frustrated trying to put a board together. Not a very friendly or overly fun building experience (I want so badly to try out other plate options and foam configurations but... the idea of dealing with that cable again...)

    Sounds and feels bubbly!

    The standout feature of the Bubble is definitely its sound and typing feel. It has a lively signature if you opt off of the case foam (But leave something to prevent shorting the PCB; tape mod maybe). I have mine mounted with mint chocolate chip switches, and it sounds and feels good to me. The looks are obviously subjective, I think it's quite an unoffensive design. My only gripe is I do think that the front height is a tad too high by 1-1.5mm. And I do wish the USBC port was centered to the case.

    Sounds like bubbles and marbles

    Couldn't get your hand on a jelly epoch? Bubble 75 is 95% the same thing, that sound signature with the Pe foam and forgiving flex is truly addicting. As a daily driver, I can't enough of it with long pole stem linears. Every key I tap is full of pop!

    Rheyan Peregrino
    Bubble Pops!

    I built mine 2 weeks ago and it has been my daily driver, I've built it with sp-star meteor white on fr4 plate and it has tx stabs on it. The sounds of this board is really amazing it is just an eargasm everytime i type on it. I cant really say much about typing feels since i only experience kbd67 lite so far other than this so all I can say its really good. The spacebar seems a little too muted for me in my opinion.

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