Artisan Hibi x KAM Astha [Group Buy]

Group Buy Information

Start: May 31st 2024
End: July 1st 2024
ETA Produciton Completion: TBD

Sale price$67.00 CAD

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Introducing KAM Astha

"Far beyond the reaches of modern space travel, there exists a planet known as ASTHA, containing advanced life beyond our knowledge. To learn and understand their civilization, we must first be able to communicate in their native, ASTHAN tongue. Our version of the ASTHAN language is adapted from original documents retrieved from ASTHA, modified for simpler translation from English, yet completely understandable by the ASTHAN people."

Designed by Dazon, this uniform profile keycap set features a modern pastel palette seamlessly integrated with cosmic sublegends.
The keycaps utilize Keyreative KAM PBT dyesub in matte texture for durable and crisp legends.