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Aluvia Aluminum Keycaps

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Original Group Buy Timeline: July 9th, 2021

Now that's something special

We loved Olivia in ABS, we loved Olivia on the NK65 and we loved Olivia Dark - it is time for us to embrace the true premium version of this universally adored colourway!

In double anodised aluminium the sleek, satin finish of sandblasted Alu beneath your fingertips is a silky dream. This is the epitome of high end keycaps - individually CNC machined and custom packaged with the care and attention to detail you would expect from luxury brands.

Disclaimer: Please read the Aluminum Keycap Standards before placing an order! No replacement keys are available for this set.

Double anodised
Cherry Profile
CNCed Aluminium
Designed by Olivia

The images shown are renders of the product and are only used to estimate the final product. The end product may vary in color from the renders as they are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the end product. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to the above terms.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great caps, even better service

The caps look feel and sound even better in person. I had a slight issue with the fitment of my shift key and I was sent a replacement free of charge, which is awesome. I rate the set a 9/10 and the customer service a 10/10.

Joe Schmo

Who's paying this much for keycaps?? No cap or should I say no keycap if you buy this you need to rethink your financial investments no wonder ur broke

Something unique worth the price of entry

Definitely not your average pbt or abs keycaps. They have a very unique sound and since they weigh more than plastic keycaps they also have a different feel; not just the metallic texture and cold at first temperature, but you can actually feel the weight. You'll need switches with heavier springs than normal to feel this but yeah, when paired with a hyper tactile switch like zykos with a heavy spring you can really feel the extra momentum of the keycap on the upstroke. Some unexpected things to mention though; you'll want to very carefully tighten the stems of each keycap if they tightly fit the stems of your switches and stabilizers if yours are even a little but smaller than the keycaps. I'd recommend using a spacer and some pliers as to avoid breaking a stem; it only takes one to ruin the entire set. But once they are all tightened and it feels very tight when you're pushing the keycaps on you'll get a deep metallic thock instead of a ping.

Jean-François Tremblay
Magnificent but with some caveat

If you think Aluvia is stunning in pictures you are in for a treat as, in person, it is simply jaw-dropping! The set is beautiful way beyond my expectations and, to my biggest suprise, sounds actually really good. The spacebar may sound a bit hollow in some keyboard and might benefit from some foam underneath but the other keys sound really rich.
The set however has one caveat, at least in the set I receive, some of the keycaps are very tight when you insert them on the stem of the switch which can actually shaves some plastic off the stems. If you intend to leave it in place it is a non-issue, if however you intend to rotate your keycaps then other keycaps might have some issues saying put after Aluvia. If you decide to adjust the stem holder Aluvia be extra careful since the pins can actually break. It happens to my spacebar when I was adjusting but despite missing one leg it still hold very well to the switch.
If you want Olivia and are on the verge of spending $$$ on aftermarket I strongly suggest giving Aluvia a shot!


Definitely a statement set for someone with a good collection going for keyboards and keycaps. Modifiers have a cool "ting" sound that reminds me of a blacksmith hammering some iron. Minor misalignment takes off a star for the price point.

The "End Game" Keycaps You Need!

With multiple runs, in a variety of profiles, Olivia has already established itself as a timeless keycap set (fight me beige lovers), loved by the entire mechanical keyboard community. It only made sense to push beyond the limits of keycaps as we know and immortalize the glory, that is Olivia, in aluminum.

While you may have an initial shock reaction to the price of these caps, don't fret. You will not find a more premium set of keycaps to dress your keyboard with. The subtle metal sheen that illuminates the keycaps when light hits it, is simply indescribable.

Now, lets not forget about the sound profile either. For those thock enjoyers, using the very unscientific Thock-o-meter scale, these aluminum caps register a 9.8 on the 10 point scale; ultimate thock.

Why are you continuing to waste your time reading this review? Go get yourself a set now before they are gone!