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Theseus 75 Mechanical Keyboard [Group Buy]

Sale price$650.00 CAD

Color: Apollo
PCB: Hotswap
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Group Buy Information

Group Buy Start: July 2nd 2024
Group Buy End: Aug 1st 2024
Estimated Production Complete: Q4 2024 to Q1 2025
Estimated Arrival to Deskhero: 6 weeks after Production Complete via Sea Freight

A balanced 75% split mechanical keyboard kit.

Although the “endgame” board may be a myth, this one might come close. Meet the Theseus75: a balanced 75% split mechanical keyboard kit designed by @haverworks. With magnetic interlocking, a LEMO-compatible interconnect, and a cushioned typing feel not often found in splits, the Theseus sports a unique combination of features that set this board apart from the rest. The best part? It’s the first split keyboard we know of to include integrated USB hub passthrough—perfect for connecting your mouse, macropad, or other peripheral companion. All these features fit behind a clean, unassuming aesthetic meant to be the perfect backdrop for any keycap set. With almost a dozen different colorways to choose from, you’re sure to find one that compliments your setup.