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Designed by JJW & Shannie, PLAY TRAY is a desktop rendition of the ingenious ball-on-a-track toy that cats seem to love. This version is milled from a solid block of 6063 Aluminum and sized perfectly for your desk setup.

The tray features a magnetized central section where you can store various bits and bobs, as well as a curiously cute cat engraving by Shannie (@shannie.hoa). Of course, a 14mm steel bearing is included for those who want to use Play Tray as a mischievous fidgeting desk toy.

If you'd like to pick up some extra balls, 14mm steel bearings should work handily.

From the designer: ‘The inspiration for this design comes from a few things. A cat toy, various screw trays seen in the keyboard community, and the Rotor by Densus Designs (another keyboard here on Geekhack!). I also think it would be nice to have something slightly interactive on the desk. For those who prefer to use $5 trays from Amazon, that's totally 100% fine - until now, I've been using $3 metal bowls from Aliexpress, so I get where you're coming from. That being said, we could also be using the cheapest MX keyboards available, yet we dish out a premium for some nicer boards. This tray hopes to be just a little heftier, a little cuter, and a little more fun.

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The kitty had too much soul.


The product is cool but got sent the one with the engraving instead of the plain🤷‍♂️

Barely Blue

This name is right.I think it is more green than blue...still very cute though.

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