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Item: IM Gasket-Relief Mount (Recommended)

"4th" Mounting Method

There is a new "4th" mounting method for the Derivative R1 Keyboard! Injection-moulded silicone gaskets that can be used together with toe relief-mount. These are small rubber gaskets that slot into the *bottom* case, sitting beneath the plate's relief-mount arms and using the screw cuts to align the plate. While it isn't revolutionary or mind-blowing, I think it makes a few key differences.

  1. Reduces vibration and feedback when typing with "leaf-spring" and relief-mount
  2. Plate is no longer fixed to the top case
  3. There may be some downward compression i.e. 'traditional' gasket compression, while still having the relief-mount plate flexibility
  4. While there will be more movement in the gasket versus screwing to the top case, it also effectively shortens the 'relief arms'

Plate Materials

  • Aluminum full plate: anodized dark gray (1 included in keyboard kit)
  • Aluminum half plate: anodized dark gray
  • Polycarbonate full plate: dyed smoke gray
  • Polycarbonate half plate: dyed smoke gray
  • Polypropylene plate: off-black (very dark gray)

Plates are ANSI-layout only. Plate files may be released later for ISO customization.

Mechlovin' Zed60 PCB

Custom Zed60 from Mechlovin' for Derivative R1. Gloss dark gray solder mask with white Derivative screenprint, ENIG finish. Includes daughterboard + JST cable. VIA compatible. R0 case compatible. ISO layout support (ISO enter, split left shift). 

O-ring options

  • 30A o-ring: Beige silicone
  • 70A o-ring: Light grey silicone

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