Moment 60 Keyboard Aseembly Buide

Moment Assembly (draft)

This document is subject to change.


0. Complete your PCB build (PCB, plate, stabilizers, and switches) as standard. Disassemble the entire keyboard case, separating the case bottom, top, and weight.


1. The core difference with Moment's assembly is that gasket strip placement is unconventional. Do NOT place long horizontal gaskets on the top case - you may run out of required gaskets for the bottom case, as well as affect your typing experience with excess compression! 

See the following graphic for gasket placement.


2. After gaskets have been placed, if not already done, insert plastic alignment  pins into the four bottom case corners. Each pin has a slightly tapered end for easier installment. 

3. Install the unified daughterboard onto the weight. There is no need to connect the JST cable to the daughterboard at this time.

4. With the JST cable plugged into the PCB, thread the JST cable into the cable passthrough in the bottom case before resting the build onto bottom case. 

5. Place the top case on top of the assembly and secure with fasteners. 

6. While keeping the weight flat on the table, connect the free end of the JST cable to the daughterboard. You can now move the entire keyboard over the weight and guide the cable into the weight channel. Lower the keyboard carefully down onto the weight and secure with fasteners once the weight sits flush with the keyboard.

7. Flip the keyboard over and fasten the weight to the keyboard using the included screws.