GMK CYL Nimbus / Cluck Rescue

What is happening??

It seems that Alphakeys has not been able to satisfy their purchase agreement with GMK for at least two sets (GMK CYL Nimbus and Cluck).  GMK has worked through the legalities and has cancelled these contracts and have asked us (Deskhero) if we are able to help out. 

Of course we'll do our best to help wherever we can!

Please know that Alphakeys made no payments to GMK or Deskhero for these sets so unfortunately we will not be able to issue refunds, store credit or compensation of any kind to the original affected customers.


Thankfully GMK has offered to discount these sets for the affected customers. Deskhero will add no margin except for the costs for Air Shipping from Germany to Canada (this is pricey :() as well as a few dollars for logistics to our small fulfilment team for the extra support effort, as well as something for the designers.  Please note that neither GMK CYL Nimbus or Cluck hit particularly high MOQs so start base price isn't as low as some other ultra popular sets. In turn the smallish quantity does not help much in reaching additional volume discounts on carrier shipping to Canada booo.

We will take care of the Original Group Buyers first.

This will be a two stepped approach for the sets. Note that this is for GMK Keycaps only unfortunately Deskhero is unable to secure other items in the sets like deskmats and collaborator created artisans and metal keycaps. 

To the Designers

We will be setting aside about $7CAD per base kit purchased during Phase One. I will reach out to the other vendors of these sets and get in contact with you. You may also us at and we'll get you sorted with with any royalties. Please understand this is a bit of unexpected extra workload for us and it could take a little bit to get everything straightened out. 

Phase One - How to Purchase - Original Group Buyers.  Purchase window will be on now till the 31st. 
  1. If you dont have one already, please make an account at and set your shipping address so that any taxes are applied correctly. 
  2. Forward your original Order Confirmation Email from AlphaKeys to and change the subject to "GMK CYL Nimbus - Rescue" or "GMK CYL Cluck - Rescue" with the same email you used to register in Step 1. Forwarding the original email helps us make sure that only the original Group Buyers will be helped.

    Alternatively you may include a screenshot. 

    If you want to remove any items, let us know in the body of the email or circle/cross out any items in the screenshot of the items you no longer want. You may not add additional kits however in case we don't have enough supply. 

  3. This window will be open now to the end of July - hopefully this will be enough time to capture most of you. 

Our support team (or myself) will recreate the order and reserve the items in order to get past the Out of Stock error and ensure that only Original Group Buyers will be able to get GMK CYL Nimbus and/or Cluck as the reduced price. 

If you have any questions - come visit us on our Discord, here is a link specifically for Phase One 

End Phase - In Stock Extras. Sometime in August. 

After all is said and done, we'll be offering both sets at the normal In-stock Pricing for everyone else. Both Nimbus and Cluck are a bit rare so hopefully in stock sales will help us in the long run :) 

Bonus 25% OFF!

I understand buying a set twice isn't the most fun :( we're trying to make it a bit easier by offering Original Group Buyers an additional 25% OFF any in-stock base kit. We rarely do sales outside of the holidays so hopefully this helps take the sting off a bit :)

Just let us know in the email which keyset you'd like, we'll add it to your order and throw it in the box and save extra on shipping!

Jerrold & Team
Deskhero Inc