Our Story

 I am enthusiast first and foremost.

Starting with high end consumer computing - I was no stranger when it came to getting the most out of my gear.  From pushing the Pentium 3 333mhz to 400mhz, to now just picking up a Ryzen 3900X using a TF Rock cooler and a Geforce 1080ti with a Morpheus ii cooler and two giant Noctua A12x25 fans strapped on. I love getting into cool stuff and making it even cooler. 

Along with high end computing, high end audio just made sense. In a span of 2 years I've gone from the Apple earphones to my first planars in the Hifiman 400 - then it was game over.

Started a custom headphone cable making company called Hivemind Cables - made friends with the great Zach from ZMF Headphones, and now being parterned with Hifiman, iFi.  Now my collection includes the flagships HD800SD, the ZMF Verite and Verite Closed and the Hifiman Arya. 

Lately I've been getting into high end mechanical keyboards and keycaps - thanks to my partnerships with the audio community and my experience with Hivemind Cables - I've been able to make friends with some great people in the mech community and I'm happy to be able to offer enthusiast level keyboards and designer keycaps through Group Buys to fellow Canadians with a brand new store for us called Deskhero

Super pumped to be able to provide great products to Canadians


- Jerrold