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Leviathan Keyboards shipping in progress
Leviathan Keyboards shipping in progress

Brutal v2 60% WK Keyboard [Group Buy]

Group Buy Ended
Original price $384.99 CAD - Original price $426.99 CAD
Original price
$384.99 CAD
$384.99 CAD - $426.99 CAD
Current price $384.99 CAD
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Group Buy Information

  • Start Date: October 20th 2023
  • End Date: November 10th 2023
  • ETA to Retailers: Q2 2024
Group Buy Disclaimer
  • NOTE: This is a Group Buy, and Group Buy terms and conditions apply. The estimated date of delivery is just that - an estimate. Delays and setbacks may occur. Upon purchase, you will be charged immediately. And by purchasing this item, you acknowledge everything stated above.
  • There are no refunds or cancellations for this order.

The Next Brutal V2 is Finally Here

Introducing the Brutal V2 60% by ai03. Available in WK, WKL and HHKB and fully customizable.

This time, we're going bigger than ever- allowing for more colors, more combinations, and more options.

What's in the box?

  • Keyboard Case: Brutal V2 60% in CNC aluminum. Top layout, top color, bottom color, and weight material of your choice.
  • Plate: Your choice of material.
  • PCB: Choice of Hotswap or Solder. Unified daughterboard and JST.
  • Foam: Optional, your choice.
  • Gaskets: Poron.
  • Custom carrying case: CannonKeys carrying case with custom cut foam.
  • Hardware: Torx key, bumpons, screws.


  • Mounting Style: Single-Sided gasket mount.
  • Case Features: Internal screws, internal weights.
  • Case Material: High-grade aluminum, CNC.
  • Case Finish / Color: Anodized or Raw aluminum case.
  • Weight Material: Choice of Zinc (Cast), Silicone, Brass, or Steel.
  • Front Height: 17mm
  • Dimensions: 304mm x 113mm x 30mm
  • Unbuilt Weight: Aprx 1100g with zinc weights and aluminum plate
  • Typing Angle: 6.5°
  • USB: Type-C, via Unified Daughterboard
  • PCB: Hotswap and Solder are both VIA compatible. Hotswap is 1.6mm, Solder is 1.2mm.
  • Plates: Available in FR4, PC, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, and POM

PCB Layout Support



Case Options

Layout: WK, WKL, HHKB
Colors: Burgundy, Light Blue, Black, Dark Grey, Silver, Dark Gold, Raw

Weight & Plate

Weight Materias: Silicon, Zinc, Brass, Steel
Plate Materials: Materials: FR4, Polycarbonate, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, POM


Materials: FR4, Polycarbonate, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, POM

PCB & Foam

PCB: Hotswap or Solder
Foam Kit: 2x Case Foam, 1x Plate Foam, 1x PCB Foam





Dark Gold

Light Blue