Crimson Red & Black Chroma Soundweaver for the Oppo PM3

This Chroma Soundweaver was sent out a couple days ago to a customer in Saratoga, CA. We can't wait to hear their impressions. 

Quite proud of how it turned out! 


  • Length: 5ft
  • Wire Type: Canare Quad Star L4ES
  • Splitter: Viablue 
  • Ferrite Core: Yes
  • Termination: Viablue 3.5mm (1/8") TRS
  • Color Pattern: Twisted
  • Twisted Color 1: Black
    Twisted Color 2: Crimson

The cool thing about this cable is that it's outfitted with a Ferrite Core for some extra interference protection. Also, it's wired with a TRRS connector to make it easier to re-terminate for a balanced connection - the Oppo PM3 supports balanced, pretty sweet!

What do you guys think? 

Chroma Soundweaver for Oppo PM3 Chroma Soundweaver for Oppo PM3 - 2 Chroma Soundweaver for Oppo PM3 - 3


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