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GMK Shashin, GMK Lazurite, GMK Fuji Keycaps, some GMK Sumi Base Kits, Lamzu Mice, and ePBT Soju deskmats, shipping in progress. See Updates Page for more.
GMK Shashin, GMK Lazurite, GMK Fuji Keycaps, some GMK Sumi Base Kits, Lamzu Mice, and ePBT Soju deskmats, shipping in progress. See Updates Page for more.

ZMF Atticus

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Original price $1,296.46 CAD
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Atticus  (aed ae kihss) Classic and Elegant.

The ZMF Atticus represents the pinnacle of the "Classic" ZMF sound what started in 2012 with the ZMF Master Model.  By using all proprietary parts the sound I originally was after is fully achieved.  This model has full impactful bass, lush mids, and smooth resolving treble.  It's fun, engaging, detailed and musical. 


  • ZMF Atticus Camphor wood TPE Driver Headphone
  • ZMF Ori Pads (Vegan Suede or Lambskin)
  • Lambskin or Vegan Suede headband padding
  • Natural hand applied varnish
  • 5.5 FT Stock Cable (optional OFC upgrade)
  • S3 6500 Case
  • Owners Card

NOTE:  The ZMF Atticus comes stock with a hand wiped varnish for a handmade, heirloom type feel.  If you'd like a more "factory" like smooth sprayed finish, please leave a note at checkout.

Additional Wood note: All ZMF's are made of Solid wood.  As such, each set of headphone will use carefully selected kiln dried stock and wood appearance may vary.   If you have specific requests please add them as a note at checkout.  We cannot guarantee any request but will try to accommodate your aesthetic preferences.


All orders are shpped directly from ZMF, and any duty/import fees will be paid by the customer if so required by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

As such, all ZMF Headphone sales will not be charged applicable GST/HST at time of purchase.  

Unfortunately Hivemind Cables can only ship to North America.  For other destinations please visit

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tejas H.
Love the personal touch

It's nice to have these small "boutique" type shops to buy audio gear from, especially in Canada. Owner is a great guy, super responsive too. I'm still getting used to the headphones itself (ZMF Atticus), but so far they're awesome. This is certainly gonna be one of my goto places for more gear. Also: iirc, one of the, if not THE only place in Canada to offer custom cables.

Stereo sound

I have the cherry Atticus. Great build and feel. I have a little rust on the headphone band. Gives it a vintage look. The leather is smooth and soft on the ear pads. The head band is two parted with a padded leather and a leather strap. Great comfort. Fitted my head perfectly straight out the box. A bit lighter than the LCD2 as well. As far as sound.... Entertaining and detailed. Its a "stereo sound". Has a small bass boost or coloration. It can portray the whole frequency from high to low. Sounds best with mastered music. You get to hear the kick drum and rumbles. Nice vocals too. A good reference headphone to check bass balances when mixing and mastering. If the sound is distorted and panned, these headphones with tell you right away. Very important. You would think the headphone is broken. lol. Some headphones on the market do break and sound distorted. Definitely have to double check with different songs. Other than that, the sounds is great. The cables are garbage. I would recommend getting some better cables. The Atticus sounded beautiful with the Dragon glass cable.
Would like to see a bamboo version of these headphones, for i am a tree lover. Resin pulp would be cool too.