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Happy Long Weekend! DESK[H]ERO observes Canadian Statutory Holidays. Please allow for processing, shipping and customer support delays.
Happy Long Weekend! DESK[H]ERO observes Canadian Statutory Holidays. Please allow for processing, shipping and customer support delays.

Saka 68 - Blue

Original price $1.40 CAD - Original price $275.00 CAD
Original price
$1.40 CAD
$1.40 CAD - $275.00 CAD
Current price $1.40 CAD
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The Saka 68 Keyboard Kit

Group Buy Timeline - Ends Feb 12

Made by CMM.Studio, the Saka  68 is a beautiful budget 65% keyboard key with a relatively quick expected delivery time. 

Estimated Shipping: Late Q2 2021 Please be aware this is a rough ETA and it may take longer.---> New estimate: Saka 68 - Just heard back from the distributor - these are in production and its looking like these will arrive in August/September.

All anodized cases come with alu plate, e-white comes with brass plate.

You may recognise this 68 key layout from the Magiforce68, an OEM we've all met while beginning our keyboard journey. The Saka is the next evolution!

Made from CNCed aluminium this board is a great entry level custom experience, allowing you to pick colour, layout and plate material. The Saka is a sandwich mounted board which will prodive a firm and unfied typing experience. 

QMK and VIA compatibility means you can turn the 4 key macro cluster into media controls and macros all you like

Please be aware Plate Selection = Badge Color 


  • Name: 坂(Saka) 68
  • Typing Angle: 5.4 degree
  • Pricing: projected msrp 199USD, e white color way will be priced higher
  • Layout: 65% 68keys layout. ANSI and ISO support added split backspace
  • Mount type: Sandwich mount
  • Component: Top case, plate, bottom case, badge, screws.
  • Material: 6061 Full aluminum
  • Plate: alu, brass, carbon fiber
  • Badge Material: Polished Brass
  • PCB Mount Stab
  • Colors: E-White, black, purple, army green, light blue, salmon pink
  • PCB: ANSI/ISO solder version. Ansi hot-swap and iso hot-swap version
  • PCB Firmware: QMK+VIA

Not in Canada?
Candy Keys (EU) (US)
iLumKB (Asia)

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