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Play Tray v2 [Group Buy]

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  • Start: May 17th 2024
  • End: June 1st 2024
  • Production Completion ETA: Q1 2025
  • ETA to Deskhero: After production complete and sent to our Forwarder: 4-6 weeks via Sea Freight, 7-10 Days using Air Express.
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Color: Silver
Engraved: No
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What goes around, comes back around.

Two years ago, the initial debut of PLAY TRAY was met with positive reception - in a hobby where we yearn for excess amounts of anodized aluminum, a premium multi-purpose tray with a novel 'spin' was more than welcome. For those who have been waiting for its return, we have good news. The desktop novelty has made its way back around; this time with a number of updates to warrant Play Tray V2.

For starters, PLAY TRAY V2 is a solid aluminum trinket / screw tray for your desk, inspired by the infamous ball-on-a-track cat toy. A channel precisely machined for an included 14mm steel bearing is the answer for your desk fidgeting needs - push it in circles, bounce it around your fingers, tilt the tray to revolve the bearing, and whatever else you can figure out. The center serves as a storage compartment for various small bits and bobs, with the lid being removable as a two-in-one magnetic screw tray combination.

- Justin