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DSA, Aesthetic and To The Moon deskmats are here! Be sure to let us know of any address changes. Click here for more info.
DSA, Aesthetic and To The Moon deskmats are here! Be sure to let us know of any address changes. Click here for more info.

NK65 - Oblivion Edition

Original price $181.00 CAD - Original price $181.00 CAD
Original price
$181.00 CAD
$181.00 CAD - $181.00 CAD
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Group Buy Information
July 3rd 2021
End: August 4th 2021
Estimated Shipping: Q4 2021


Dont forget to grab the matching GMK Oblivion V3.1 keyset and deskmat!

The NK65 - Oblivion Edition is a standard 65% ANSI layout keyboard with a hotswap PCB. The PCB is VIA compatible with per switch RGB lighting. The switches are south facing.

This will be fully assembled and comes with custom switches. It includes a polycarbonate case, aluminum plate, PCB (same PCB as the NK65 v2 - Aluminum Edition), NK_ plate mount stabilizers, and silicone dampening material. Carrying case is also included.

The case is color is dark gray which compliments the Oblivion keyset perfectly, as well as many other keysets such as Space Cadet, Carbon, ASCII, (Modern) Dolch and many more.

The included switches are a recolor of the linear NK_ Silk Yellow switches. These will be the same weight as Yellows (63.5g) and will be factory lubricated with Krytox 205g0.

Modified Top Mount - Plate screws into top case, PCB screws into plate, and plate screws into the bottom case. This design allows for no visible screws once assembled.


  • 65% Standard Fixed ANSI Layout
  • Hotswap PCB
  • VIA Compatible
  • USB-C
  • Coiled USB-C cable included
  • Per switch RGB lighting (programmable with VIA)
  • Injected Molded Polycarbonate Case
  • NK_ Plate Mount Stabilizers
  • PCB/Plate Mount MX Switch Compatible (3 pin and 5 pin)
  • PCB Designed by yiancar
  • 8 Degree Angle
  • Silicone Dampening Pad
  • Recolored NK_ Silk Yellow Switches (Linear 63.5g, lubed with Krytox 205g0)
  • Carrying Case

Regional Vendors
Asia - Monokei
Europe- Oblotzly Industries
China - zFrontier
Oceania - DailyClack
South America - FancyCustoms
South Korea - SwagKeys
United Kingdom - proto[Typist]
United States - NovelKeys

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