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Attention: Beginning Oct 11th there will be a fee of 3% on all refunds on purchases made with PayPal. Looking at replacement payment options.
Beginning Oct 11th there will be a fee of 3% on all refunds on purchases made with PayPal.

GMK Rudy - Dec 1

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GMK Rudy is inspired by the classic American football film, Rudy. Based on a real life story, the movie captures Rudy Ruettiger’s journey to play football for the University of Notre Dame. To escape his impoverished life as a steel mill worker with poor grades, he works with a tutor to eventually gain admission to his dream school. Once there, he earns himself a spot on the university’s legendary team where he wears jersey #45 (pictured above). 

This movie means a lot to us as it is a story about overcoming hardship purely through hard work and perseverance. Warren is actually a college football player at a small Division III school in Southern California. It is the love for this movie and for the sport of American football that really gave us the inspiration to design this set. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do. And we urge you to watch the movie if you haven’t! 

One thing we want to guarantee is our hard work and open communication. We will look to routinely update and check in on all threads. The potential success of this set is determined by your interest and passion for it. We hope that our love for it shines through. 


The colors of this set are wholly inspired by the school colors of the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The set uses two RAL colors and one stock GMK color, for the purpose of accurate GMK color matching.


*The S75 and U80 renders are currently being redone to reflect the removal of the Novelties kit. We will update the title and change log once we receive them. Thank you for your patience!


TGR 910 RE

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