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Don't forget to check out our Weekly Updates as of February 12th!
Don't forget to check out our Weekly Updates as of February 12th!

GMK Red Devils

$65.00 CAD
Kit Options


Group buy will run until Sept 30, 2020.

Welcome to the GMK Red Devils keyset! Inspired by the South Korean national soccer team and of course, Zambumon's GMK Striker. Even though this team has achieved only modest success on the world stage, few things stir up Korean national pride and unity as supporting their team in a major tournament.

Kit Details

The base kit has compatibility for the most popular layouts in the community, from 60% and up, and features the reworked icon mods introduced with GMK 8008/9009. It also includes accent options for Esc and Enter, F13, terminal ISO, and brand new 한자 and 한/영 sublegends on ALT and CTRL for complete Hangul support.


This kit includes brand new molds for mono Hangul legends. NOTE: The primary legends (top left corner) have been slightly enlarged and bolded (compared to how they are as sublegends) to be more in line with cherry conventions. They will not however, be as bold as the standard Latin legends, as it would not look appropriate for Hangul.


This kit features odd-sized spacebars and a 2nd B/ㅠ and mono ㅠ for Alice layouts.


    The Taegukgi kit is a small novelty kit taking inspiration from the flag of South Korea. It adds a strong graphic element to the set and would also pair nicely with GMK Minimal.

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