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GMK Masterpiece

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The inspiration for this set comes from the Japanese high quality craftsmanship. Japanese craftsmanship is handmade and created by people using skills passed down for generations to ensure only the best quality product - a true masterpiece. With that spirit in mind I designed a keycap set, capturing the unique aesthetics of the Japanese culture. The Katakana legends will give the set a very unique look, paired with a beautiful rich blue.

This will be the very first GMK set with Katakana only alphas and mods. So new molds will be created for this set. Because of GMK's limited offering of stock blue colours, this set will be using a custom blue (RAL). The Katakana legends are as you noticed not narrow as the Hiragana mono/sublegends and Katakana sublegends. Instead, the Katakana monolegends are wider to offer a similar look to the latin/cyrillic counterpart. They look like they came straight from GMK. The Katakana-only mods are completely new, my own creation, and were inspired by various old boards. I wanted a more consistent look for the keyset as a whole as the Kanji were left out completely. The keyset has traditional icon mods and text+icon mods, and I think this solution will satisfy nearly every person. I also included all keys for a true ISO and proper ISO Japanese layout (R4 ロ) unlike past sets with japanese legends. The layout was designed on the basis of today's Mac keyboards in Japan but without the JIS bottom row.

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