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GMK Copper

$195.00 CAD
Kit Option


My initial inspiration was coins, I collect coins including pennies. I love the varying colors you get with copper pennies, almost no 2 coins look alike.
This made choosing the right colour for copper a bit of a challenge but I am extremely happy with the look of the Copper colour I have decided on.

The second inspiration is Patina If you aren't familiar with this I hope you enjoy a basic bit of chemistry. When Copper ages and is exposed to various natural elements it can form
a number of chemical compounds on its surface. The result of the creation of these compounds is a wide range of almost unbelievable colours. For this keyset I have taken inspiration from
the slightly oxidized aged colour of Copper the extremely aged and unrecognizable look of Oxidized Brown Copper and the almost luminescence
and likely more common Cyan Patina

Copper is the perfect fit as inspiration for a keyset, it allows for a ton of options to represent Copper and its many looks.

The set will run from January 13 to February 21 2020

    Iron165 (Smith+Rune)