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JTK Night Sakura, Ramen & GMK Hanok deskmats begin shipping this week. GMK Rainy Day and GMK Honor is on it's way here. Don't forget to let us know of any address changes. Click here for more info.
JTK Night Sakura, Ramen & GMK Hanok deskmats begin shipping this week. GMK Rainy Day and GMK Honor is on it's way here. Don't forget to let us know of any address changes. Click here for more info.

GMK Botanical 2 - Preorder

by Hazzy
Base Kit Available
Original price $43.00 CAD - Original price $216.00 CAD
Original price
$43.00 CAD
$43.00 CAD - $216.00 CAD
Current price $43.00 CAD
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Estimated Shipping Date: Q3 2022


Your keyboards natural companion! GMK Botanical, as the name suggests, is inspired by nature’s most beautiful jungles and gardens. This set is designed to organically integrate within your workspace allowing you to not only focus on what needs to be done, but also bring some of the outside in!

- Hazzy

Dont forget to grab the matching Deskmats and Rama caps & MC6 macropad!


  • Designed by Hazzy
  • Made in Germany
  • by GMK electronic design
  • Material: ABS Plastic


  • Profile: Cherry
  • Sculpt: 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 4
  • Legends: Doubleshot
  • Modifier Style: Icon+Text

Kit Options


The Standard kit supports boards of many sizes and covers almost anything you could need. Full size, 1800, TKL, 75%, 65%, and 60%, Alice-Ergo and physical ISO.


The Desert Kit is the secondary base kit and is identical to the Standard Kit as far as compatibility, but has L9 beige alphas instead of the original cool white alphas


The Novelty Kit adds a bunch of cute botanical-themed icons, including 3 new succulent novelties on top of the other options from round 1.


The Addition Kit adds support for F13, alternate Caps Locks and 65% column options, HHKB, 660, 60% w/ arrows, 3u spacebars, and more. 


The Aesthetic Kit adds support for accent spacebars and arrows. 


The Command Kit adds support for macOS. 


The Macro Kit adds support for single and double macro columns. 


The Obscure Kit adds support for most boards below 60% including ortho. 


The International Kit adds support for many European layouts. 



The images shown are used for illustrative purposes only. No keyboards shown are included. While we aim to accurately estimate and reproduce colors, there may be minor variations in the color of the actual product because of differences in display output due to lighting and digital photography and color settings and capabilities of monitors. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these terms.

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